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DocĀ² 3.0: iPhone word processing with Google Docs, iDisk goodness

When it comes to using an iPhone as a word processor, I'm probably not the person you want to talk to. After all, I've never been a fan of writing on handheld devices -- I can type much faster on a regular computer keyboard than I can tap words into my iPhone with a couple of fingers. However, fr...

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Friday Favorite: Ommwriter, the Zen word processor for writers

More Friday Favorites, the apps, tools and accessories that we love to share. As a writer, I love Scrivener. It's great for managing large and complex projects. But for shorter pieces, this blog post for example, I've found a new favorite, Ommwriter. Brett first mentioned the beta of Ommwriter he...

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Writer's tools: WriteRoom wreally wrocks

As you've probably gathered by now, I'm on a search for the perfect writing tool. I did a short blurb about Ulysses 2.0 a few weeks ago, I read Megan Lavey's Friday Favorite review of Scrivener with interest, and I'll have a detailed review of Storyist v2 soon -- if I can get over the writer's block...

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myTexts, yet another way to reduce writing distraction

myTexts, a new app from MOApp, caught my attention recently. It's another "distraction-free writing" app with some nice touches and a reasonable price tag. This genre of apps basically time-warps you back to the days of full-screen, menu-free, plain text word processing. The most popular of the comp...

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TUAW Review: The Soulmen send Ulysses 2.0 on a writing journey

As a technical writer, blogger, and wannabe novelist, the tool that I use to capture my thoughts is almost as important as the words that I choose to describe those thoughts. I love to try out new writing tools, particularly those that say that they're going to let me write creatively without gettin...

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WWDC Live: Ross Carter and Pagehand, typography-aware word processor

Ross Carter of Cocomot has a pretty cool new word processor, Pagehand, in the works. It reads and writes in PDF format, so you don't have to think twice about sending a document to anyone; they may not be able to edit it -- depending on the software they're running -- but you're pretty much guarante...

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School days: Mellel & Scrivener

It's that time of year again, academicians. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be highlighting products, tools and techniques to help students and teachers launch into the school year with style and ease. We pointed out Planbook last week, which should make lots of lesson planners happy; I'm goin...

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Mellel 2.2 adds better citation support

Since switching to an Intel Mac right after Macworld 2006 I've been trying to move away from Microsoft Word on my system, both because I don't like running a PPC app, and because I wanted to escape from Word itself, which I've often found to be ridiculously frustrating (two words: widows and orphans...

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