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Button TrackR extends Indiegogo campaign: never leave your coat or keys behind again

Way back in November, TUAW first covered the Wallet TrackR campaign on Indiegogo. That initial campaign offered a device that could be slipped into your wallet or jacket, and that used Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to ensure long battery life and easy iOS integration. Originally scheduled to ship in...

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5 Apps for Mardi Gras

With Lent peeking around the corner, there's still time to get down, celebrate, and indulge before fasting, abstinence, and penitence. In that spirit, here are a bunch of last minute apps to help you seize the day...and the pancakes. If you're lucky enough to be around New Orleans, follow your fav...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me create GPS address book locations

Dear Aunt TUAW, I want to set Siri geofenced reminders for my kids' bus stop and a few other locations. The problem is that I live in a rural area, and these places don't have street addresses. What can I do? I want to be able to remind my wife to pick up milk and butter after she's done pickin...

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