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Savant: iPad to "Redefine home automation"

Automating one's home with a Mac isn't new. Indigo has been around for a while, as has XTension. Heck, you can even feed your dog remotely. The folks at Savant offer a way to control your home or office's entertainment system, climate, security cameras, lighting and more with an iPhone or iPod touch...

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Woof! An iPhone-controlled dog treat dispenser

While you're geeking out with your techie friends building battle bots or pumpkin cannons, why not give your dog a little love at the same time? TUAW reader Stephen Myers sent us a link about a fun little project he worked on. He wants to be able to check on his dog's well-being and reward the dog w...

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Indigo Home Automation

We just told you about the Lithium server monitoring app but what if, like most Mac users, you're more likely to monitor and control your house (or at least your lamps) than your servers? Adam Goldstein has a nice introduction to the Indigo Home Automation and Control Server over at MacDevCenter. I...

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