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Xbox SmartGlass for iOS hits the App Store

Just in time for today's launch of its blockbuster sci-fi shooter Halo 4, Microsoft has debuted its Xbox SmartGlass app for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. The free app acts as an interactive second screen for the Xbox 360, allowing you to browse content on your console and launch it, then us...

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Could the iPad 2 replace traditional video game consoles?

The iPad 2's new hardware and its popularity has led to speculation that tablet devices will soon replace consoles. Rovio Mobile's Peter Vesterbacka is the most vocal champion of this position and recently claimed during a South by Southwest panel that console games are "dying." Vesterbacka poi...

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Epic's Mike Capps talks about Epic Citadel and the future of iOS gaming

Gamasutra cornered Epic Games' Mike Capps (he of the very impressive Epic Citadel demo yesterday at the Apple special event), and Capps confirms that what you see running on your iPhone is the real deal -- Unreal Engine 3, with all of the bells and whistles that it has on the major HD consoles. T...

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Does the Apple TV need 1080p?

Engadget's tasty scoop on Wednesday suggests that the long-rumoured but still-mythical Apple TV hardware refresh would lack 1080p output. As is fairly routine now, weblogs, forums, and Twitter exploded with "ZOMG APPLE #FAIL" and similar thoughtful criticism. But assuming it's true, is this really t...

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Sonic 4 coming to the iPhone/iPad?

Sega surprised everyone last night with the reveal of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 -- apparently the newest game in the series will be a download-only episodic title coming to the Xbox and PS3 later this year. And the iPhone, too? The very end of the trailer, as you can see above, has a blank rectangle aft...

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Xbox Live app for iPhone

360 Live [App Store link] certainly isn't the first Xbox 360 app to hit the iPhone, but it's definitely one of the most full-featured, offering gamertag management, complete friends list access, messaging capability, games library browsing (with achievements and all), and even a CoverFlow-style fri...

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Xbox Live Friends list on your iPhone

There are quite a few ways online to see what your friends are up to in Xbox Live -- the most fun way is probably the 360 Voice site (that lets your Xbox blog about what you've been playing lately), but there are also Facebook applications, Dashboard widgets, and all kinds of other ways to keep tabs...

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iTunes compiles Rock Band tracks

I've been rocking on Rock Band almost since it came out (almost done with expert on guitar and hard on drums -- stupid bass pedal is driving me nuts -- and the band my friends and I formed, Fel and the Boatmen, just got ourselves a jet). And now, iTunes has made it easy to rock even away from the ...

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TUAW Buyers Guide: Gifts for gamers

As we found out this past year, gamers have Macs, too. When you think of gaming gifts, you don't usually think of getting suggestions from a Mac blog-- most of (if not all of) the best games this year aren't playable on a Mac at all. But nevertheless, we're out there-- people who love gaming and M...

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Connect360 now does DivX/Xvid

We've posted on Connect360 from nullriver several times before. This handy Preference Pane application allows you to stream media (music, pictures, and video) from your Mac to your Xbox 360 (by emulating a Windows machine). Well the Fall 2007 Dashboard update for Xbox 360 just dropped this week and,...

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