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Tag: Xcode 4

Development courseware updated for Xcode 4

Shiny Development has updated all of its training courses following Apple's release last week of the latest version of its development tools, Xcode 4. "We have been working with Xcode 4 for a while now and I am very pleased to announce that all of our training courses are now fully updated...

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Apple releases Xcode 4; free for developers, $4.99 for everyone else

Apple has released Xcode 4 for free for all registered developers. The new Xcode offers a streamlined interface "that integrates UI design, coding, testing, and debugging, all within a single window." In addition, the embedded Apple LLVM compiler underlines coding mistakes, much like Microsoft...

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Apple releases Xcode 4 GM. Again!

Apple has just posted another GM seed (number 2 if you're keeping count) of Xcode 4. Build 4A304a is ready for you to download, install, use and love. You need to be a paid member of either the iOS or the Mac dev programs to access this build. Now, if Apple would only get around to, you know,...

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Apple (re)posts Xcode 4 GM

Apple teased us Thursday afternoon with a sneak peek at the Xcode 4 GM before pulling it. Now, the company has re-posted the gold master and it's ready for registered developers to go and download. Xcode 4 introduces a fully updated integrated design environment for Mac and iOS developers with...

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Apple releases preview 3 of Xcode 4

Okay, I might be a little bit fangrrlish about the new Xcode 4 IDE. But seriously, it's really an awesome update to the existing Xcode tools. Yes, it's still majorly buggy and yes, there are still many features missing in action -- but it's such a treat to see how the new tools are evolving into...

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