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Xcode 3.2 Daily Tip: Adding actions and outlets in IB

More Xcode daily tips for Mac and iPhone developers. Back in the old times, when dinosaurs roamed the earth (and used less sophisticated IDEs), Interface Builder offered a built-in class browser as part of the project window. This browser allowed to you navigate through the Objective-C class hierar...

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Xcode 3.2 Daily Tip: Analyzing Your Code

More Xcode 3.2 tips for Mac and iPhone developers. The LLVM/Clang static analyzer bundled with the Snow Leopard developer tools automatically detects a variety of memory management bugs in Objective-C programs. It's a terrific tool for finding memory leaks and other issues and it is now easily av...

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Xcode 3.2 Daily Tip: Restoring Monaco

It's a Menlo world in the new Snow Leopard Xcode. 10.6's Xcode uses the Menlo Regular-11 font for the standard Xcode template. If you miss Monaco (and I know I did), it isn't hard to restore the look and feel of Xcode 10.5's defaults. That's not to say there's anything wrong with Menlo. Menlo is a ...

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Xcode 3.2 Daily Tip: Upgrading Xcode

For those about to code, we salute you. Developers: are you ready to upgrade your new Snow Leopard install to Xcode 3.2? The Xcode installer package appears in your Snow Leopard disc's Optional Installs folder. Double-click the mpkg file to open the installer and begin the installation process. Xc...

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