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TUAW Deals

Tag: XmgStudio

DeNA collects 10 new partners for Mobage titles on iOS

DeNA, one of the biggest social gaming networks in Japan, has announced a development deal with 10 social and mobile game developers. The company is working to gain inroads with western audiences via iOS and other mobile platforms. Mobage is the giant network that DeNA runs, which recently pick...

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Macworld | iWorld 2012: XMG Studios working on a location-based Ghostbusters game

XMG Studio is an indie iOS developer in Toronto that's gotten to work with some very decidedly un-indie licenses. They have made a few popular and original iOS games already (including Cows vs. Aliens and Cannon Cadets), but lately they've been getting more and more involved in licensed work. They...

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Powder Monkeys offers challenging fun for young gamers

Powder Monkeys from XMG Studio (US$0.99, universal) is a big, varied game for the iPhone and iPad with enough going on to entertain kids and adults alike. Its good looks, many quests, game mechanics and upgrade opportunities increase longevity and keep players coming back for more. Plus, who wo...

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XMG Studio attacks EA for Christmas app promotion at Mobile Games Forum

While we're in San Francisco at Macworld this week, there's also a Mobile Games Forum going on in London, and one of the discussions over there got a little heated when the talk turned to EA's big Christmas sale on the App Store. Mobile developers have said before that EA's big push down on even ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash

I would say that this Canabalt-like game is good for kids (and it is), but I don't suppose there are too many kids around nowadays who remember the early days of Inspector Gadget like I did in my generation. We 80s babies can fondly look back on Gadget, Penny, Brain and the mysterious Dr. Claw with...

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Cannon Cadets now includes level builder, scoring, and a TUAW level

Back in August, XMG Studio released a fun game called Cannon Cadets (US$0.99), and it quickly became popular with those of us who love games where we shoot or fling things at targets. I enjoyed Cannon Cadets, although lack of a cohesive scoring mechanism made it difficult to measure my progress, an...

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Celebrate the launch of Cannon Cadets with XMG Studio and TUAW

When you're tired of flinging birds at pigs, here's a new way to have fun -- an addictive game called Cannon Cadets (US$1.99) from XMG Studio. I was fortunate enough to get a preview of Cannon Cadets a few weeks ago, and quickly jumped into the fun. The back story of Cannon Cadets is that there's...

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TUAW exclusive: Cannon Cadets brings frantic robot-killing action to iPhone

I spent about the last two weeks working my way through the levels of Angry Birds HD, a wacky and addictive game for iPad in which you slingshot birds at pigs to kill them. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but if you have played the game, you know that it's a great way to kill a few hours days wor...

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