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Tag: Xsan

Active Storage reportedly closing its doors

For those who deal with Macs in the enterprise, you may be saddened by the surfacing news that Active Storage is shutting down. Over the last four years, the company has unveiled an array (pardon the pun) of Mac-centric storage solutions, including controllers intended to bridge the gap left by Ap...

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Apple releases Xsan 2.2.2 FileSystem Update for 10.6

Apple has released an update to Xsan, its storage area network (SAN) file system for OS X. Xsan 2.2.2 FileSystem Update is recommended for all Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard-based Xsan 2.2 systems, according to the release notes. The update improves general file system reliability and offers: ...

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Xsan sites gain options as Active Storage steps in with new metadata controller

So long, Xserve. At the end of the day (January 31), you will be leaving the product sales list after serving the Mac community faithfully for nearly nine years. But today Active Storage introduced ActiveSAN, a high-performance metadata controller for Xsan and StorNext networks, intending to pick...

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Apple post server-related updates for Xsan and Mail Services

Apple yesterday posted a few new server-related updates for Xsan and Mac OS X Server. The first, Xsan 2.2.1, improves file system reliability and cvfsck repair utility. This update is available for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. There's also an updated version of the Xsan u...

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Apple drops Xsan update 2.1

If you use Xsan, then you might want to take note of the new update that Apple dropped yesterday. Apple updated Xsan Admin, Xsan Filesystem and the Xsan Uninstaller to version 2.1. According to the update note, the Xsan Filesystem update fixes: Metadata controller reliability Using and valid...

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XServe Raid no longer available, Apple partners with Promise

One of the features prominently touted by Apple in the new XSan 2 is its support for 3rd party storage solutions. It looks like there is a very good reason for that: Apple is no longer making the Xserve RAID. That's right, if you head on over to the XServe Raid's former home on you're gre...

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XSan 1.4.2 pops in Software Update

With all the patching and fixing to make ready for Leopard, it's no surprise to see some of Apple's infrastructure tools getting updates this week. Moments ago it was ARD 3.2, and now it's Xsan Admin Update & Filesystem Update 1.4.2! The new software for storage-area networking "addresses numero...

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Apple Pro covers SNL Season 1 and Broadway Video

Apple's Pro ezine has posted a nice piece by Joe Cellini on the production of Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season (available on DVD and in iTS) by Broadway Video. The definitive DVD set includes the original 24 "Not Ready For Prime Time Players" episodes from way back in 1975. Why the lon...

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Software Update: Apple Xsan 1.4.1 Filesystem and Admin

This one is for the enterprise, pro video and pro audio readers out there. I'd be mighty surprised if any of you had a SAN setup in your living rooms, as appealing as that may be! Xsan is Apple's high-performance SAN file system for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. It's super fast and high in Fibre. Ap...

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Xsan filesystem and Admin updated to 1.4

I think someone at Apple declared today 'Update Day.' First it was the MacBooks, then Logic, and now Xsan is getting some updating love. The Xsan Filesystem was updated to 1.4 which includes fixes for: using file system access control lists (ACLs) labeling and initializing LUNs greater than 2...

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Lots of Xsan 1.3 updates

Attention Xsan users, Apple has just released a number of updates. They include: Xsan Filesystem 1.3 for Mac OS X 10.4 Xsan Filesystem 1.3 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 Xsan Admin 1.3 Update Xsan 1.3 Uninstaller If you're running Xsan, it would behoove you to get these updates (or at least read abo...

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Xsan: The Basics

You want to deploy Xsan on a few Xserves, and you don't know the first thing about RAID options or LUNS. The obvious question is, 'Why are you deploying Xsan if you know nothing about it?' The answer is clear, 'Because it is just so darned cool!'Just look at that box, and the Xsan logo? Super cool.L...

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Deploy XSan like a Pro

Apple is a very different company than it was just a few years ago. Now it is rolling in filthy lucre thanks to the run away success of the iPod, and it is offering up enterprise solutions that people in Corporate IT shops are actually seriously considering.XSan is just such a beast; Apple's file s...

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