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Yahoo Mail for iOS gets a redesign, disposable email addresses, 1 TB storage, more

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of Yahoo Mail and to celebrate, the company has completely redesigned its Yahoo Mail app for iOS. Not only does the app have a new look that fits nicely with iOS 7, it also adds some serious new features. First up are Conversations, which allows users to view rel...

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Yahoo rolls out Flickr-driven Weather app and new iPad mail app

Remember Yahoo? The company's attempt at a return to relevance is in full gear, with the introduction of two new free mobile apps -- Yahoo! Weather and a tablet version of Yahoo! Mail. If Burt Bacharach was still writing songs, he probably wouldn't write "What the world needs now is weather a...

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AOL previews cloud-based Alto mail, iCloud-ready

AOL is now taking beta invite requests for its new Alto email congregation tool. Not looking to compete outright with the likes of Gmail, Yahoo! or its own AOL client on the email front, Alto will instead act as a singular destination for users to check all their existing accounts at once. The ...

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SaneBox looks to tame busy email inboxes

Simplifying email is a task that several applications and email clients have tried and failed at. SaneBox, like many add-ons before it, aims to make your digital life easier without forcing you to change your email platform, but it ventures to accomplish this without just adding priority flags ...

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Yahoo! fixes iPhone IMAP data leak

Earlier this year, a report surfaced that suggested Yahoo! Mail was the cause of spurious data usage by Windows Phone and iPhone owners. The root cause was the Yahoo! IMAP mail servers, which were transmitting more data than was necessary for each email request. Occasional email checking was no...

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Yahoo! Mail for iPad and iPhone contains tasty HTML5 goodness

While Yahoo! Mail isn't as wildly popular as, say, Gmail, there are still a lot of people who have Yahoo! Mail accounts. After all, you need a Yahoo! account to use Flickr, so many people sign up for the free accounts without a second thought. For the most part, the Web-based mail client has been...

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