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Yahoo! Widgets 4 released

We give Apple's Dashboard widgets a lot of time in the spotlight (hah!) here at TUAW, but that doesn't mean we aren't paying attention to Yahoo!'s Widgets community. Today, the company released a major v4.0 update that apparently was a long time coming, and they dropped 'Engine' for a name change...

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Widget Watch: iCdocs

Today's widget is a Yahoo! Widgets Engine widget that interacts with ThinkFree's new suite of online office applications, iCdocs. ThinkFree will let you share, edit (even group edit) and publish text, spreadsheet and presentation documents within a browser. The iCdocs widget works as a super-simple ...

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Yahoo! Widgets Engine 3.1 available

Earlier this week, Yahoo! released version 3.1 of the Yahoo! Widgets Engine (formerly Konfabulator). As you may remember, Konfabulator (which was purchased by Yahoo! in December of last year) was the first application to bring "widgets" to our Macs. Changes in version 3.1 include: Adde...

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Widget Watch: Retrograde3

I know what you're going to say already. "The last thing we need is another clock widget!" While I'm inclined to agree, I will say this: Retrograde3 is one cool clock. It's a Yahoo! Widgets Engine widget that displays the time, date and phase of the moon. You can change the clock's color as well as ...

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Widget Watch: Frylock

Today's widget is only 90% useless. Frylock is a Konfabulator Yahoo! Widgets Engine widget that floats your favorite box of animated French fries around your desktop in that unique, Frylock fashion. You can even configure it to launch the application of your choice when double-clicked. See? It's mil...

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