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Tag: ZDNet

Apple still shipping Macs with Mountain Lion installed

Here's one for the "What were they thinking of?" file. David Gerwitz at ZDNet/CBS Interactive ordered a totally tricked-out iMac from Apple after the October 22 event, totally expecting the device to show up with the latest and greatest version of OS X. The order was made on October 28, a full wee...

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Sports fans with iPads score with in-stadium WiFi

A lot of sports fans are going to be, in the words of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, "Happy, happy, happy" this fall. That's because a number of stadiums are installing WiFi networks that make toting the iPad to a football game a great way to access the second screen that fans enjoy at home. ZDNe...

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Alleged Office roadmap says Office for iOS possibly not until 2014

The rumor mill had previously stated that Office for iOS might be coming as soon as last month, but obviously that never happened. Now, an alleged roadmap for the Office family of products from Microsoft says we may not see Office for iOS this year at all. ZDNet reports that it has obtained a...

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Adobe issues fix for InDesign crashes under Lion 10.7.4

Adobe confirmed in a recent technical note that InDesign customers with OS X Lion 10.7.4 may experience problems with the app crashing "when performing certain functions." The technical note provides two solutions to the problem, one of which includes the warning not to install the OS X 10.7.4 ...

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Examining an iTunes Store account hack

ZDNet has a long report on a recently hacked iTunes account that involved a linked PayPal account. We've seen an increase in the number of hacked iTunes accounts in which people's gift card balance or linked accounts have been mysteriously drained. This report, like many others, leaves us wonderin...

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No Comment: Apple pulls Bluetooth OnOff switch app from the App Store, blogger overreacts

Apple has pulled an app that allows iPhone users to turn Bluetooth on and off with a single tap, and that's not sitting right with ZDNet blogger Jason O'Grady. According to O'Grady, that one app removal "demonstrates how (Apple) has become lethargic and how iOS innovation has slowed to a crawl." I...

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Apple sold 645,000 devices per day in the 2nd quarter

Blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes over at ZDNet did the math and came up with some staggering statistics about Apple's hardware sales during the last quarter. As we heard during the Q2 2012 earnings call yesterday, Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones, 11.8 million iPads, 7.7 million iPods and 4 millio...

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NVIDIA disputes Apple's claim that A5X processor outperforms Tegra 3

During yesterday's Apple event, senior VP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller took the stage to tout the power of the new A5X processor that inhabits the innards of the latest iPad. Schiller stood in front of a chart showing the relative graphics performance of the NVIDIA Tegra 3, the Apple A5 (2...

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Mountain Lion: It's called a developer preview for a reason

Every time a developer preview of a new version of Mac OS X or iOS arrives, we at TUAW wait for the onslaught of emails telling us about the favorite apps that did or did not work, peripherals that suddenly won't work, or machines that end up being totally borked. Jason O'Grady at ZDNet has writte...

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How to enable iCal's debug menu

ZDNet (via Macgasm) has posted a couple of neat iCal tweaks that should make your life a bit easier: Enabling the debug menu and showing two weeks worth of appointments at once. The trick involves a couple of Terminal commands. To enter debug mode, use the following: defaults write I...

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iPad 2 launch: not Apple's finest hour

Jason O'Grady, writing for ZDNet's The Apple Core, penned an incisive piece on the five ways that Apple screwed up the iPad 2 launch. I agree with every point. Usually, Apple has been very good on getting information to the huddled masses waiting for the next new iThingy, but this time the comp...

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Australia election campaign promises iPads in every hospital

In what I can comfortably say is a previously unimagined application, the iPad is now being used as an election promise to entice voters in Australia. ZDNet notes that the promise was made last week by Victorian Premier John Brumby as part of a proposed new state health policy, which would see iPads...

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ZDNet: 'iPhone running Windows XP'? Fail

Citrix is developing a "thin client" iPhone app that allows users to connect to networked workstations via WiFi, and control their desktops. Basically, it's like VNC or Microsoft's Remote Desktop client. This isn't huge news, I understand, but after seeing ZDNet Australia's headline, I was thinking ...

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ZDNet: Benchmarking the Psystar Open Computer

It's a big day for the Psystar Open Computer -- the quasi-Mac clone based on PC hardware and a cracked version of Mac OS X. ZDNet today published their comparison of the Open Computer with a Mac mini, and all three flavors of MacBook. The results? The Open Computer fares pretty well against all of i...

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iBacklash: Are ZDNet blogs naysaying the iPhone?

Over at 2 A Day, they certainly think something's gotten into the water at ZDnet. The quick meta-analysis shows that 11 ZDnet blogs have posted more than 50 negative items about the iPhone in the last 10 days or so. Is this excessive pre-release carping, or simply prudent, slightly contrarian analys...

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