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ZEVO ZFS on OS X project now part of GreenBytes

Update: GreenBytes has announced that starting in September, the ZEVO Community Edition product will be offered as a freely downloadable binary. As they get closer to the launch date, more info will be shared -- including a rundown on new, improved features from the previous commercial version. ...

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ZFS project for Mac OS X discontinued

Is it a forgotten project? A fit of open-source pique? Or is it just that everyone got really busy on other stuff? Looks like Apple has just shut down the ZFS project for Mac OS X. The site for the project on Mac OS Forge reads: ZFS Project Shutdown 2009-10-23 The ZFS project has been discont...

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Apple posts Snow Leopard Server information

Many people forget that Apple makes 2 variants of OS X for Macs: client (that's the one you run on your personal Mac) and Server (which is normally found on a server, oddly enough). We've already posted (twice) about the client version of Snow Leopard, but what about Apple's next iteration of their ...

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No ZFS by default for Leopard

Remember when Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun, told an audience that OS X would be sporting ZFS as the file system of choice and that we would find out all about it at WWDC? It would seem no one told Apple that, as the Stevenote came and went with nary a mention of ZFS or Sun. InformationWeek caught u...

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ZFS in Leopard?

The French site Mac4Ever appears to have found evidence (in the newest developer release) that Leopard will include the ZFS file system to supplement HFS+. What is ZFS you ask, and why should you care? Well ZFS is a pretty darn cool next generation file system created by Sun that includes a variety ...

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Rumor: Apple Enterprise Products to use ZFS

In the last 12 months, the storage demand at my workplace (a university of 10,000 students) has risen exponentially. The 2.4TB NAS purchased last summer was outstripped by the end of our second semester just a few weeks ago. We'll recover a lot of that space by deep-sixing unused and stale accounts-...

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