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Apple denies it included 'backdoor' services in iOS

Apple denied the accusation that it included backdoor services in iOS that could be exploited by law enforcement and other government agencies in order to obtain personal data from iOS devices. The denial statement was provided to Financial Times journalist Tim Bradshaw who shared the communicatio...

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Forensic scientist discovers backdoors running on 600 million iOS devices

Your iPhone may well be at risk of spilling a good deal of your personal data, but not in the way you imagine. According to security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, today's iPhone is actually quite good at fending off a typical hacker, but it also comes with a few convenient -- and secret -- tools ...

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TUAW Live Chat with App Store developers

How hard is it to make a living at App Store? Are the naysayers right? Do you need a full-fledged business plan and established company even to step through the door? Or can you make it as an independent, finding your own fortune and success. Today, TUAW talks to a handful of App Store developers to...

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Wired: 'iPhone takes screenshots of everything you do'

On your iPhone or your iPod touch, when you press the Home button, there's a nice little animation that takes you back to the home screen. To create that animation, your iPhone takes a screenshot of whatever it is you're doing, and uses it for the transition. Sounds innocent, right? Not so much, say...

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