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Flipboard update greatly improves this popular news app

Flipboard (free) has always been popular for reading news and following topics. The only downside is that it lacked any personalization. You got the topics you selected, but the app did not learn my favorite topics the way another news app -- Zite -- did. Times change. Earlier this year Flipboard...

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Zite newsreader sold to Flipboard

My all time favorite newsreader, Zite, has been sold by CNN to Flipboard for a deal reported by Reuters to be worth about US$60 million dollars. Flipboard has also struck a content deal with CNN. CNN bought Zite in 2011. In a conference call this morning, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said Zite's techno...

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Zite update is aimed at Google Reader orphans

With Google Reader fading into the sunset in July, more and more users are looking to replace its functionality. Zite for iOS (free) has some solutions that should please many news hounds. The app was originally born out of a desire to replace Google Reader with something that learned your interes...

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Google Reader partially rebuilt in Zite

Many of our readers are mourning the impending loss of Google Reader, which will cease to function on July 1. The folks at Zite have a kinda, sorta replacement that can be used from within the free Zite personalized news app. Zite has always been a bit of a hybrid, allowing you to access your...

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A big update from Zite fixes a lot of user complaints

I was an early admirer of Zite, the free iOS app that learns what you're interested in and creates a magazine just for you. As Zite got more popular, some changes came in that drove some users wild. I thought the biggest offenses were the addition of CNN News (CNN owns Zite) and the What's Po...

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Zite releases version 2 of its popular news app

I've always found Zite to be the smart news aggregator I turn to first in the day. Because it learns from my choices, it gets better and better at creating a personal news magazine that has the topics I really love. Today Zite has pushed out a thoroughly revised update with a lot of new feature...

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Zite adds an Election 2012 category for political junkies

Count me among the political junkies. I'm getting election news from all over, and now my favorite news aggregator Zite has added a new feature I'm already liking. You might like it as well. Zite is a free iOS news app that keeps track of your interests and produces a unique magazine filled wit...

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Zite adds Publisher Program to its iOS offerings

There's a new feature on personalized news app Zite today. It's a new program for publishers to to add their content to the app in separate sections that can be ad supported. Partners for the launch include CNN (which owns Zite), The Daily Beast, Motley Fool, the Next Web, Fox Sports, The Huffing...

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New iPhone? Try these must-have free apps

If you have that new iPhone you received for the holidays, you're probably looking to load it up with some apps that will enhance your mobile experience. Let me suggest some of the best of the free apps. Of course, everyone will have their own list, but here are my 5 favorites that I think most n...

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Zite personalized news now comes to the iPhone

Zite is probably the most-used app on my iPad. I love the way it crawls hundreds of thousands of news sites for the stories I am going to find interesting. It's a bit like Pandora for news, and I can give any story a thumbs up or thumbs down while the app constantly tunes the news choices it brin...

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Zite adds personal profiles to its iPad news app

If you find yourself fighting over the iPad with your significant other to get your fix of news from Zite, there is finally a happy ending to the debate. Since Zite learns what you like to read and adjusts your personal mix of news accordingly, it was pretty messy if more than one person shared...

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Zite adds NFL category to bring you personalized football news

You might have, ahem, noticed, it's football season. Users of the free personal news app Zite now can add their favorite teams and Zite will deliver personalized pigskin stories. Zite is my favorite iPad news discovery app, and this NFL category is going to be just what rabid football fans want...

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CNN acquires Zite, plans to operate as independent business

A week ago we reported on the rumors that CNN reportedly purchased iPad magazine app Zite, a magazine aggregater which collects news based on your personal preferences and presents it to you in a magazine-like format. Today, CNN confirmed those rumors. In a post on CNNTech, the company says i...

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Zite searches show some fascinating regional differences

Zite is my favorite news discovery app on the iPad. I find myself using this free app several times a day as it crawls over thousands of websites looking for things I will be interested in. It works by noting my interests, and finding more based on a complex personalization algorithm. I'm con...

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CNN reportedly buys iPad magazine app Zite

Techvibes is reporting that CNN is buying Vancouver-based iPad magazine app Zite for up to US$25 million. Zite is an iPad magazine app that aggregates news based on your personal preferences. Personalized magazine aggregator apps are becoming increasingly popular on the iPad. Other similar ap...

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