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Loop Attachment Mummy for iPad offers solid protection, keeps your Smart Cover happy

The team at Loop Attachment in Chicago has been busy designing even more fun protective cases for Apple products, and the latest thing to roll out of the labs is the Mummy for the iPad (US$40). What's cool about this silicone sleeve is that it not only mirrors the easily gripped Mummy design for i...

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IconSettings provides one-touch access to iOS settings with bookmarks

IconSettings, from the South African blog iPhoneZA, is an interesting hack that lets you set up one-touch buttons on your iOS device to access specific parts of the Settings app (like turning Bluetooth on or off, toggling Airplane mode, adjusting date & time, etc.) without going to the trou...

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Apple played favorites with iPad access

Boing Boing's Rob Beschizza has an insightful look at something that no one's really noticed yet: Apple definitely played favorites when it came to sharing the iPad. Here's the list of outlets and writers that got access to the iPad for an early review. You'll note that Boing Boing is on there, a...

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Mac 101: Retrieve your Keychain passwords

Have you forgotten a password to a website, email account, or other password? If you use Mac OS X's Keychain, chances are that your password can be easily retrieved. First off, open Keychain Access.app (located in /Applications/Utilities/). Once there, scroll through the list of keys until you fi...

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Widget Watch: iPhoto mini 1.3 gains a new UI, more

We blogged the iPhoto mini widget back in December, and since then it has received quite the feature update and face lift. The widget is now resize-able and just plain sexier. In addition to being able to browse all your iPhoto albums complete with image counts, you can now set the current image as ...

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Access iPhoto and iTunes libraries with a simple Automator action

You could also file this under "fantastic Automator actions that Apple should've advertised when Tiger was being released." A post at macosxhints has discovered a simple Automator action you can use to open panel containing your entire iPhoto or iTunes library (pictured), complete with alb...

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