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Kashoo Accounting app goes universal

I've been a big fan and happy user of Kashoo for quite a few years now. It's a small business accounting service (US$49 per year) that has both a web service and an iPad app, and it distinguishes itself from competitors like QuickBooks in being very easy to use. Well, my small business accounting ...

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TUAW at Macworld/iWorld 2014: Kashoo accounting for Web and iPad

I'm one of those people who sucks as an accountant. So when I heard about Kashoo a few years ago and realized that I could do most of the accounting work for one of my small businesses from an iPad, I jumped on the opportunity to try it out. I dropped by their booth today, and we have a short video ...

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Kashoo Version 2.1 adds new features just in time for taxes

Every year around tax time, millions of small-business owners promise themselves that next year will be different. They'll keep better records; they'll invoice customers on time; and they'll figure out a way of monitoring how well -- or poorly -- their company is doing. Kashoo created an easy-t...

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Intuit releases new QuickBooks Online app for the iPad

Intuit expanded its mobile app portfolio today with a new iPad app for its QuickBooks Online accounting service. The iPad app is a standalone solution that lets you sync items like invoices, expenses and estimates across your iOS devices and the web. Intuit talked to small-business owners dur...

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FreshBooks releases iPad app

Do you charge by the hour for your services? If so, you may already know about FreshBooks, the cloud accounting service. In late August the company released an iPhone app for on-the-go entry of billing and accounting information; now the FreshBooks app has become iPad friendly as a universal re...

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FreshBooks small business accounting service launches an iPhone app

Popular online accounting service FreshBooks released a new iPhone app that'll let users keep track of their small business expenses while on the go. The new app syncs to your online FreshBooks account and lets you manage many aspects of your small business right on your phone. Just like the ...

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Kashoo iPad app: Business accounting on the go

Kashoo began existence as an online business accounting service. With the addition of a new free iPad app, business owners now have a powerful accounting tool at their fingertips at all times. In this review, I'll take you through a quick look at Kashoo and describe how it's helped one small busine...

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iPod touch fee could go bye-bye

Chris Foresman over at Ars Technica has an interesting pronouncement: A rule governed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, that's been heavily lobbied for by Apple and other electronics companies, may be enough to lift the charge that iPod touch owners have had to pay for updates of signific...

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iBank provides yet another reason to dump Quicken for Mac

If there's one software company and product line that can raise the ire of even the most mellow Mac user, it's Intuit and the Quicken line of accounting software. While the company rightfully owns the market for home and business accounting software in the Windows world, their Mac products are beset...

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Checkout - point of sale for Mac (beta)

Jasper Hauser and company have been busy, as Disco isn't the only thing pot on their oven. Behold: Checkout, a point of sale app (in beta) for store owners running Mac OS X. Boasting a 15 minute learning curve, Checkout has an impressive lineup of features, like: Interoperability - "export anyt...

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Quickbooks 2007 v9.0, now with native Intel support

Well Adobe may not care enough to release Universal Binary updates, but Intuit seems to care, at least a little. Today they released Quickbook 2007 v9.0. Quickbooks, as you probably already know is a popular accounting app aimed at small businesses. Things of note in this upgrade include: Track ...

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