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Apple reportedly acquiring digital magazine startup Prss

According to TechCrunch, Apple may be acquiring Dutch startup Prss. Prss was founded in 2013 by Jochem Wijnands and Michel Elings of Trvl magazine, which was one of the first iPad newsstand magazines and received accolades in 2010 for its photo-centric design. At Prss, Wijnands and Elings creat...

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Apple quietly buys BookLamp

Apple has confirmed a story that first appeared in TechCrunch this evening, saying Apple "buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans." BookLamp, sometimes referred to as 'Pandora for books', developed some exclusive algorithms that anal...

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Tim Cook: Apple acquired 29 companies over the last 9 months

During the Apple's earnings conference call this past April, Tim Cook said that Apple was on the prowl for new acquisitions. And on the prowl they've certainly been. During yesterday's earnings conference call, Cook explained that Apple, in the last nine months alone, acquired a grand total of 29...

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Former eMusic CEO gives his take on rumored Apple/Beats deal

Former eMusic CEO Adam Klein took to Bloomberg last week to give his take on the rumored Apple/Beats Electronics acquisition. Echoing what many industry watchers have speculated, Klein believes that the proposed deal has everything to do with Beats' new streaming service, which is essentially ...

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Tim Cook says Apple is "on the prowl"; acquired 24 companies in the last 18 months

During Apple's earnings conference call yesterday, an analyst pointed out that companies like Google and Amazon are increasingly diversifying their business while Apple doesn't seem to be following suit. The analyst subsequently asked about Apple's business philosophy and laser like focus given th...

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Why Apple should buy Starbucks

Am I taking crazy pills, or did the internet just give me two hilarious pie-in-the-sky Apple acquisition articles in the span of three days? On March 26th, The Street posted an argument for why Apple should throw down the cash to buy Netflix. Not to be outdone, Cult of Mac followed that lead and ...

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Forbes argues Apple needs to make bigger acquisitions, but we disagree

A recent article in Forbes tacitly argues that Apple would do well to take a page out of Facebook's playbook and start snatching up companies instead of, you know, returning money to shareholders. While Facebook recently spent $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp, Apple in stark contrast spent $14 billio...

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FullContact acquires contact-management app Cobook

FullContact develops a suite of contact-management utilities, and its tools are going to get even better in the near future. The Denver-based company announced today that it is going to acquire the team and the technology that drives popular contact-management app, Cobook. Launched in 2011, Coboo...

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Why Apple didn't buy Nest

With Google announcing yesterday that it acquired the Tony Fadell-led Nest Labs for a cool US$3.2 billion, an emerging narrative is that Google caught Apple asleep at the wheel. For many who keep a close eye on tech, an Apple/Nest Labs acquisition seemed like a match made in heaven. I myself was q...

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Apple confirms rumored acquisition of Kinect maker PrimeSense

Apple has confirmed that it has indeed acquired the Israeli 3D sensor maker PrimeSense, reports AllThingsD: Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet confirmed the PrimeSense deal with the boilerplate comment the company typically provides when news of one of its acquisitions leaks: "Apple buys smaller t...

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Under Armour acquires MapMyFitness to bolster digital fitness

Watch out, Nike -- in the footrace for domination of the huge and growing digital fitness market, a competitor just leapt into contention. Under Armour, a major manufacturer of fitness and sports performance products, acquired MapMyFitness -- a company with one of the largest digital fitness communi...

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A look back at Apple's 2013 acquisitions

During Apple's earnings conference call yesterday, Tim Cook noted that Apple during the fiscal 2013 year acquired a total of 15 companies. Historically, Apple's acquisition strategy has focused on snatching up smaller companies that house either personnel or technology that clearly fit into Apple's...

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Apple acquires Cue, personal assistant app for the iPhone and iPad

Relative to previous years, Apple has been on an acquisition spree in recent years, with the company confirming today that they acquired a personal assistant app called Cue. Cue works by combing through a user's varied internet accounts, determining what's useful, and then aggregating it all into...

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Apple acquires AlgoTrim

AllThingsD is reporting confirmation by Apple that the company has acquired a Swedish data-compression company by the name of AlgoTrim. As usual, Apple spokeswoman Kirstin Huguet trotted out the familiar line: "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not dis...

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Apple acquires Canadian location data company Locationary

Apple is looking to beef up its Maps and location services by acquiring location data company Locationary. The Canadian startup uses crowdsourcing to create a database with up-to-date location data and local business information. Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling confirmed the acquisition to AllThi...

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