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Tag: acquisitions

Breaking: Google acquires Nest Labs for $3.2 billion

Hold on to your hats, folks. We interrupt this otherwise slow news day with some breaking news. Google today announced the acquisition of Nest Labs for US$3.2 billion in cash. Nest Labs, of course, is the purveyor of the highly touted and well-received Nest Thermostat and, more recently, the Nest...

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Logitech acquires smartphone accessory design house TT Design Labs

Remember hearing Tim Cook's admission during his lovefest with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at D11 that Apple had swallowed up something like nine companies since the beginning of the year? Well, they're not the only tech company making acquisitions, and one on a much smaller scale was announced...

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Seagate to acquire LaCie

Storage giant Seagate has announced intentions to buy controlling interest in LaCie, a boutique hard drive and storage company. Seagate has offered to purchase from Philippe Spruch, LaCie's chairman and CEO, and his affiliate, all of their shares, representing 64.5% of the outstanding shares of...

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Apple may be putting in a bid to buy Hulu

According to Bloomberg, the online video service Hulu is up for sale, and Apple is reportedly considering bidding on it. Apple certainly has enough cash on hand to buy Hulu (about 35 times over), and if successful in its bid Apple would gain a huge foothold in video media services. Put together...

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Microsoft may be about to buy Skype

If you were hoping Skype's busted UI and security vulnerabilities would get major improvements in the future, this latest news might kill that hope. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is in talks to buy Skype for nearly US$8 billion. On the surface of it, this seems a mystifying...

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Nuance acquires MacSpeech

Nuance Communications, the company behind Dragon Dictate and Dragon Search for the iPhone, has acquired MacSpeech, the company that makes MacSpeech Dictate and other voice recognition apps for the Mac platform. The first product from MacSpeech was iListen, which was available until 2008. At that...

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Apple flush with cash and ready to buy

Got a company you're trying to sell? Apple might have a check with your name on it -- BusinessWorld reports that they're in the mood for picking up some new businesses lately. Even after high profile acquisitions like LaLa and Quattro Wireless, Apple's still got plenty of cash in the bank, and...

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