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Verizon sees 3.1M LTE iPhone activations in Q4

Verizon Wireless announced its quarterly earnings for the last three months of 2012, and it was a strong quarter for iPhone sales. The carrier confirmed that it activated 6.2 million iPhones, which is double the amount that Verizon activated in Q3 2012. Half of these iPhones were the LTE-enab...

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China surpasses US on iOS, Android activations

When I first saw this news on MacRumors this morning, my immediate thought was "Duh! China has 4.4 times the population of the U.S." But there's more to the story of China passing the U.S. in iOS and Android activations, since the per-capita income is almost twelve times greater for Americans t...

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63% of last quarter's iPhone activations were outside the U.S.

Horace Dediu, analyst and financial blogger at Asymco, provided several fascinating charts at the end of last week that not only show how dramatically iPhone activations have increased over time, but also how the U.S. market makes up a shrinking portion of that overall market. As Apple 2.0 editor ...

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Reports suggest Apple retail had a great Christmas

We've already heard that the iPhone and iOS had a record day this Christmas weekend, and here's even more stats proving that's the case. First up, the latest data from Flurry Analytics points out that both iOS and Android saw not only record activations over the holiday weekend, with as many as...

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Study finds many iOS activations during the holidays

We all expected that iOS sales would be incredible during the holiday season, but now a study by Localytics reported on GigaOM shows that the activation level for new iOS devices was even greater than expected. The study showed that 12.5 times more iOS devices accessed games and apps using Lo...

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Verizon Wireless activates 2.3 M iPhones, still trails AT&T

Verizon Wireless released its quarterly earnings this morning and confirmed that it activated 2.3 million iPhones 4 in Q2 2011. This number is impressive, but it's not as high as rival AT&T which activated 3.6 M iPhones in the same quarter. Together the two carriers sold almost 6 million iP...

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Apple's retail chief on iPhone activations

Worried that you might be spending a lot of time waiting for that shiny new iPhone 3G to be activated? Well, never fear because the nice people at the Apple Store are there to help you. interviewed Apple's retail chief, Ron Johnson, about the iPhone retail activation process. "Apple s...

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Two possible fixes for iPhone activation problems

For those still stuck in iPhone activation limbo, we have a couple of tips and tricks might help you to get on your way. While these might not be sure-fire solutions for everyone, they sound general enough and have worked for at least two individuals, so they just might work for you as well. Fi...

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