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Apple airs new holiday ad 'Misunderstood' featuring iPhone 5s and more

Apple has kept with its annual tradition of airing a seasonal ad featuring Apple devices in holiday settings. Last night, the company's 2013 holiday ad aired; it's 90 seconds long, noticeably longer than most TV spots. It's set to the tune of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and shows a fa...

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Apple airs new 'Greetings Too' iPhone 5c ad

During the Emmys last night, Apple aired a new cut of it's "Greetings" iPhone 5c ad. "Greetings Too" features many of the same scenes -- with some new ones added -- of "colorful" people saying hello on their iPhone 5c's. In addition to the new cut on television, Apple has posted Greetings Too and ...

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Apple airs new 'FaceTime Every Day' ad

Apple has aired its latest television ad titled, "FaceTime Every Day." As you would expect from the title, the ad shows people in everyday life connecting via FaceTime on the iPhone. The ad follows in the footsteps of previous spots that spotlighted Camera and Music app use. The "FaceTime Every Da...

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Apple wins Grand Prix for Press award for iPad mini print ads

Apple and its advertising firm TBWA Media Arts Lab have won the prestigious Grand Prix for Press award for a recent print campaign advertising the iPad mini. The ad's clever images depicted a life-sized iPad mini on the back cover of several magazines, which itself bore the cover of said magazine....

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New iPhone ad focuses on wonder of photography

If you're old enough to remember the Polaroid SX-70, celebrating its 41st birthday this week, you may remember how it felt to instantly, miraculously see the images you captured appear right before your eyes with one of Polaroid's cameras. Now that we all have superpowered cameras in our pocket...

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New iPad ad debuts at Oscars

The iPad and iPad mini donned their latest and most fashionable apps and made an Oscar appearance in the form on an ad on Sunday night. It's not the first time Apple has made an appearance at the Oscars. Apple's showings at the awards show stretch all the way back 2007, when the first Apple iPh...

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Two new iPad ads hit the airwaves

The latest iPad ads appeared this evening, both on TV and on Apple's YouTube channel. Both new ads are embedded below. The ads feature a rapid text scroll, presumably listing the attributes of the magical and revolutionary tablets. Each "landing" word is then given life with quick demo moment...

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Apple rolls out new "All on iPad" ad

Apple has rolled out the latest in its TV ads highlighting everything you can do on an iPad, showing off the retina display. This comes out hours after the company was reported to have stopped its "Genius" ads that were shown in the opening days of the Olympics. The new ad features the Twit...

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Siri celebrity ad series continues with Martin Scorsese

You've seen Siri chat with Zooey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson and John Malkovich; now she's helping out a genuine New York film auteur in the latest commercial for the iPhone 4S. Martin Scorsese stars in this ad, and delivers his trademark rapid-fire patter from the back of a taxicab. (Scorsese...

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iPhone "buzz" gets a boost following celebrity ads

Love them or hate them, those new Siri ads starring Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson are apparently effective, says a YouGov BrandIndex report. As noted by Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog, the celebrity Siri ads are creating buzz among 18-34 year old questioned in the survey. In just a few week...

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T-Mobile targets iPhone, AT&T in new ad

T-Mobile is really shaking up its ad strategy lately. First, their demure young lady in the cute dress became a leather-wearing biker chick (supposedly to show off how fast the company's new network is), and now they're targeting AT&T and the iPhone directly, in the new ad you can see below...

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Tiesto tracks released inside Tap Tap music game

Disney's always had kind of an identity complex with Tap Tap Revenge. The brand is one of the oldest on the App Store -- it was originally called Tap Tap Revolution, and was eventually picked up by Tapulous and turned into Tap Tap Revenge, a sort of DDR-style music game. Then, of course, Tapulo...

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New iPhone ads air featuring Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson

Last night saw the airing of two new ads for the iPhone 4S that featured celebrities Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel. Both thirty-second spots showed the celebs using Siri in their home environment. Jackson used Apple's personal assistant software to help him plan a "date night" and cook ...

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Steve Jobs inspires Best Buy's Super Bowl ad

Last year when Best Buy was planning its Super Bowl ad, the retailer's US marketing chief, Drew Panayiotou had a revelation. Instead of getting a music or movie star for the commercial, Panayiotou suggested the company focus on Silicon Valley innovators. According to Bloomberg, he was inspired by S...

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Apple airs new Beatles-themed ad: Covers

Apple recently aired a new iTunes ad called "Covers." It's an animated compilation of The Beatles album covers set to the song "Magical Mystery Tour." The ad presumably is celebrating The Beatles one-year anniversary on iTunes. Last week Apple also released the free Yellow Submarine animated ...

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