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App Developers' Conference dated, call for papers open now

GDC is the Game Developers' Conference that happens every year up in San Francisco, and the company also hosts a number of other GDC events all over the world. Usually, they do GDC Online in Austin, TX every fall, but that conference has recently been changed into two different conferences, both...

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Xcode Tip: Updating your documentation

It appears that the Dev Center at Apple just updated its documentation set today. If you're using Xcode 3.2 and you want to update your documentation, you might be looking in the wrong place. Before 3.2, you used to update your documentation in the Developer Documentation window (Help > Developer...

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New Snow Leopard discussions on Apple's Developer Forums

Apple has relaxed a long-standing policy of restrictiveness regarding open conversation about unreleased versions of Mac OS X by creating a Snow Leopard discussion forum for developers. Historically, Apple has prevented conversation about future versions even among those bound by the same Non-Disclo...

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iPhone dev: Apple gave out my password

Marko Karppinen, an ADC Premier member, iPhone developer, and user like the rest of us, had his personal information released by Apple to an unknown third party, simply because of this one-line email: am forget my password of mac,did you give me password on new email marko.[redacted] Apple...

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Aperture 2.1 SDK available

When Aperture 2.1 was released last month it added a plug-in architecture allowing third-party developers to add editing tools. While some of the bigger names have already been working on such plugins, Apple has now released the SDK so you can too (provided, that is, you can write sophisticated imag...

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Web Development for iPhone

Lest you think I hate web development for the iPhone, I thought I would point out this section on Apple's Developer Connection. The iPhone section deals with developing web applications that play nicely with the iPhone. Included on the site is sample code, video of the WWDC session called 'Designin...

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Dashcode beta expired on schedule

Niclet sends a note that yes, Dashcode's December 2006 v0.9 beta did in fact expire as expected last night. That sound you heard around 12:01 am was actually widget developers everywhere crying out in pain. Well, not exactly everywhere, as apparently there is still a working version of Dashcode in t...

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Submit Your iPhone Bugs to Apple

There are bound to be bugs in any first generation product, and unfortunately this has been especially true for new Apple devices. It's only been a day since the iPhone went on sale, but already we're hearing of some nagging issues. But fear not, for you the user have the power to change the iPhon...

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Apple to release latest Leopard beta to developers who couldn't make WWDC

A little green and blue TUAW birdie has just informed us that Apple is planning to release the Leopard beta that WWDC attendees received last week to the rest of qualifying ADC members. As to when developers can fire up their browsers and download managers, the only language we have to go on is '...

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Apple releases more WWDC 2006 videos on iTunes

Apple must be happy with having the WWDC06 video sessions available via iTunes for ADC members, as another set of videos has just been rolled out for developers. This latest collection includes: Graphics & Media State of the Union Welcome to Xcode Taking Advantage of Leopard Features ...

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WWDC sessions available to all ADC members on iTunes

Back in October, Apple dropped DVDs as their distribution system of choice for WWDC sessions and presentation slides. The company moved all this content to iTunes - but only for Select and Premiere members of the ADC (Apple Developer Connection). Today I just received an ADC email titled "Watch M...

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Leopard Tech Talk

Leopard is a pretty big deal to developers and users alike, and Apple knows this. That's why they are kicking off a series of Tech Talks around North America that are geared towards helping developers, both big and small, to prepare for Leopard. The Tech Talk schedule is as follows: San Francis...

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Leopard Technology Overview

People have whipped themselves into a froth thanks to this Leopard Technology Overview, which is the first in an ADC series called Leopard Technology Series for Developers. Why are people so excited? Mostly because of the glimpses it gives us into Leopard. Here are some highlights: Interface Bui...

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Apple Design Awards 2006 now accepting entries

"Show off your latest feat of programming genius," says the Apple Developer Connection email announcing the call for entries to their 11th annual Design Awards. Recognizing "technical excellence and outstanding achievement in developing Mac OS X software," there are eight award c...

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WWDC Student Scholarship Program now open

TUAW reader Nolan B noticed that ADC (Apple Developer Connection) student members can now apply for a scholarship to WWDC 2006, Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference, being held August 7-11 this year in San Francisco. Scholarship winners receive a free ticket which includes total access to ...

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