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Today 1.1

Second Gear, the same developers who bring you the PocketTweets Twitter client for the iPhone, have announced that Today 1.1 is now available. Today is an app that works with your iCal database and provides easy browsing of your events and tasks in an attractive and unobtrusive window. Clicking the ...

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Forget Me Not - Safari session saving

Forget Me Not 3.0 is a good example of the 3rd party plug-in and add-on support for Safari that is slowly but surely growing. FMN is a basic a session saver plug-in for Safari that can reload any tabs that were open the last time you quit Safari. It isn't quite as powerful as, say, Tab Mix Plus f...

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Saft v8.3.5 released

Hao Li is at it again with a new version of Saft, quite possibly the Safari plugin that deserves to go the route of CoverFlow. If you aren't familiar with Saft's extensive and constantly evolving feature set, check out our past coverage to get familiar. This latest v8.3.5 update features: New fe...

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Three-pane Mail.app turns into a plug-in

Well that was quick. First Mail.app received a widescreen, three-pane face-lift, and now it's been morphed into a plug-in. The author provides two different sets of instructions for installing: drag and dropping into your ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/ directory or using a couple of commands in Terminal. ...

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Path Finder 4.1 released with Universal Binary, other enhancements

Path Finder, the powerful file browser/manager (pseudo-Finder) from Cocoatech, has been updated to version 4.1. Along with Universal Binary status and the typical round of bug fixes, this update also includes: Improved Go To Folder with autocomplete Smart Folders – Path Finder can now r...

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Saft updates to 8.2.5, goes universal

Add Saft to your list of universal binary apps, as a recent update to version 8.2.5 can be run on those smokin' new Intel iMacs and MacBook Pros. In addition to UB support, Saft has also gained a few new features such as creating dated folders for organizing downloads, reversed tab order (anyone kno...

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