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Has iPad addiction contributed to its growth?

There's a short post over at the Business Insider about the author's view of the success of the iPad, based on how interested (e.g., addicted) his kids are in the device. It got me thinking -- is the fact that kids love the iPad a good measure of its success? Well, yes and no. In my gaming experi...

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Forget the "Crackberry": Stanford students are addicted to their iPhones

Years ago, when the Blackberry started gaining traction among business users, people found themselves using the device so much that the nickname "Crackberry" was invented to describe how addicting the device was. According to a recent survey of 200 Stanford University students, the iPhone is just as...

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My wife needs an intervention for her Live Cams addiction

It's a problem worthy of an episode of Intervention. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that my wife is addicted to the Live Cams app on her iPhone. It all started when she was searching for new apps in the App Store, and she noticed a little app called Live Cams [US$0.99, iTunes Link]. It sounded innocuo...

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Retiring from Flight Control

I just uninstalled it from my iPhone, and am officially retiring from Flight Control (iTunes link). It was a great four month career, I tell ya. I wanted to go out at the top of my game, and on my own terms. Despite its minimal $4.99 price tag (I think that was the price when it first came out), it ...

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Peggle now available for iPhone

We told you everything you needed to know back when it was announced. When it got delayed, we were bummed, but only a little, because we knew we'd soon have it in our hands. And now, it's finally here. 55 levels and 40 challenges of some of the most addictive gameplay there has ever been. Controls...

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