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Adobe: Flash Player now sandboxed in Safari on OS X Mavericks

In a move that is designed to make playing Flash content on your Mac more secure, Adobe has announced that Flash Player is sandboxed in Safari on OS X Mavericks. A sandbox profile for the Flash plugin was created by Adobe for inclusion in the Webkit project, with Webkit being the browser engine behi...

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Apple blocking older version of Flash Player plug-in on Safari

Apple announced today that they've updated the web plug-in-blocking mechanism in Safari on OS X to disable older versions of the Adobe Flash Player. The move is a way to protect users from a recent vulnerability that took advantage of an older version of the Flash Player plug-in. If you're ru...

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Adobe notes products with Lion-related "known issues"

Adobe posted a knowledge base article today showing a few "known issues" that their products have with OS X Lion. As the image above shows, it's really more than just a few issues -- it appears that most of the Adobe product line has one problem or another. In each case, Adobe has done its ho...

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Adobe Flash Player 9 updated

Adobe has posted version of its ubiquitous Flash Player browser plugin. The update includes many fixes and improvements, including Windows Vista support (hey - Adobe even beat the Zune to that!), support for full screen mode in web players and a security update addressing the HTTP Header In...

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