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Apple's most popular ad online isn't "Think Different" or "1984"

Much of Apple's advertising is as iconic as its devices and even people. But which is the most popular online? Research firm Visible Measures says it has the answer. Many people remember 1984, the Ridley Scott-dircted TV ad that aired on January 22, 1984 during the third quarter of Super Bowl XV...

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Hollywood's love affair with the iPad

The New York Times reports that the iPad is catching on in Hollywood, attracting actors, writers, producers and other personalities looking to alter their workflow or even get in a few rounds of Angry Birds between takes. The Times begins by describing a meeting between director JJ Abrams, Damon ...

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Foul Ball? MLB inserts ads into At Bat 2010 for iPad

As soon as I tapped my way into MLB At Bat for the Mariners game last night, I couldn't help but notice an ad on the splash page, and other ads on screen on the Game Day desktop. Until now this innovative iPad app had been ad free, and at U.S. $14.99 a year, that made sense. Major League Baseball...

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Some thoughts on the new Microsoft ads

Well, the new ad blitz from Microsoft has begun. Advertising agency Crispin Porter + Boguksy is back at it with a new web video and click through banners that tell the story of Lauren, a Los Angeles woman (and member of the Screen Actors Guild) who was recruited from Craigslist. She supposedly didn'...

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A nice collection of Apple print ads

Here's a great collection of Apple print ads from the past twenty years. What I've found interesting is that trademark aspects of today's Apple machines can be found in these old designs, like fan-free heat dissipation, the tendency to shrink things and ads that show disembodied hands holding their ...

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New iPhone Commercial

"Hello!" If you weren't watching the Oscars then you might have missed the first Apple iPhone commercial. Featuring famous actors saying "hello", the new ad just ran on ABC during the Academy Awards telecast. After the montage, which includes a shot from Pixar's "The Incredibles", it ends via a shot...

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ABC pushing broadcast, their own site, vs. iTS purchases

Mac Zone has a post concerning ABC's insertion of 30 seconds of network-pimping ads in the Lost season 3 premiere (iTS link) purchased from the iTS. While the first 8 second spot is just a harmless network ID badge, the second spot (at the end of the vid) advertises watching Lost on a full-fledged ...

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Justin Long on 'Get a Mac' ads, being harassed

In an interview more about his career (rather than Apple nerdery), Justin ("hi I'm a Mac") Long managed to wax ecstatic with Mary McNamara of the LA Times about 'the ads' and what they've done for (or rather: to) his career. He had stories to tell of being harassed on the street by people who might ...

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New Mac ads coming

Other than the Intel ads, when was the last time we saw an ad from Apple that wasn't about the iPod or iTunes? It's safe to say that it has been a while.  At this week's Apple shareholder's meeting, Steve said that new ads would debut during May sweeps, though no details were given about just w...

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