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Apple is about to introduce full screen ads to your iOS device

Apple has formally announced two new ad formats for the iAd platform that will make ignoring advertising harder than ever. Developers can now include full-screen interstitial banner ads and pre-roll video ads within their apps. Thanks to the sizes of these ads, each will take over your entire...

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Apple's "Misunderstood" holiday ad captures Emmy for "Most Outstanding Commercial"

A holiday-themed ad Apple released in late 2013 -- titled "Misunderstood" -- was the recent recipient of an Emmy award for "Most Outstanding Commercial." Put together by Apple's longtime ad agency TBWA, the ad depicts teenage boy who seemingly prefers to spend time alone on his phone than he does...

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Samsung rolls out anti-iPhone "Wall Huggers" ad campaign to airports

A few weeks ago, Samsung rolled out a decently funny anti-iPhone ad titled "Wall Huggers." The commercial effectively takes shots at the iPhone for having poor battery life, forcing users to constantly search for outlets to plug in their phones. In stark contrast, the commercial tells us, stands...

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New "Dreams" ad focuses on the many uses of the iPhone 5s

Apple has released another of its classy ads that show just how powerful we humans can be when equipped with an iOS device. In "Dreams", the company focuses on the iPhone 5s and shows everything from a Vaavud anemometer being used to measure wind speed at a beach to a doctor using the device to...

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Every iPad ad, reviewed and ranked

The thing about Apple ads is that even when they're bad, they're usually still good. Compared to the marketing efforts of Apple's peers, the company's TV commercials have been pretty much golden since the early 2000s. And some of the best ads Apple has ever released are for the market-defining...

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1985 Macintosh Office ad reminds us how much space software used to take up

"Now there are more than 500 software programs for the Macintosh Office, so no matter what business you're in, you're in business." In just one sentence this 1985 Macintosh Office ad explained to viewers why it was going to change the way they worked on a computer. In 2014 this ad sends a...

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Samsung releases yet another anti-iPhone ad dubbed "Screen Envy"

Well, you gotta hand it to Samsung -- they sure are persistent. Earlier today the number one purveyor of Android handsets released yet another anti-iPhone ad dubbed "Screen Envy." As the title implies, the commercial puts down the iPhone for having a much smaller screen than the flagship Galaxy...

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New Samsung ads poke fun at iPad display and lack of multiscreen support

Samsung ads typically teeter between funny and annoying. The company's latest efforts skews towards the latter. Though not as overtly anti-Apple as its "wall huggers" ad from last week, Samsung's latest commercials for the Galaxy Tab S essentially take aim at the iPad for A.) lack of split-screen...

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This 1987 Australian Macintosh commercial is like a mini Mad Men

There's a bizarre charm to the mini dramas of Apple's commercials from the 1980s, and this Australian Macintosh clip is no exception. "The Manager" is fifty-seven seconds of corporate melodrama, like a soap opera you might experience on the AMC hit Mad Men. Our hero, known only as Frank, is...

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Samsung calls iPhone users "wall huggers" in latest anti-Apple attack ad

Samsung today released a new attack ad focusing on shortcomings in the iPhone's battery life. The commercial takes on a humorous, if not whimsical, tone as it shows us a few scenes -- which all take place in an airport -- of people dealing with the frustrations that accompany owning a device with...

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New iPhone ad touts parenting features of iPhone

Apple on Sunday rolled out a new commercial for the iPhone 5s entitled "Parenthood." There's no Steve Martin cameo but it does feature several heartwarming family interactions while showcasing a few kid-oriented iOS apps. The commercial concludes with Apple's recent tagline -- "You're more...

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YouTube find: Hilariously bad Apple IIe ad promises "six tutorial diskettes" with purchase

Old tech commercials often toe the line between hilarious and cringeworthy. This old Apple II ad from 1985 fits that description to a tee. The best line comes at the end when our noble host exclaims, "Buy now and receive a free training seminar and six tutorial diskettes!" And he actually...

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Tim Cook and Eddy Cue are big fans of the latest "Beats by Dre" commercial

A few days ago, Beats released the following commercial in anticipation of the World Cup, which gets underway this afternoon. Dubbed The Game Before The Game, the commercial features quite a few shots of the iPhone 5s, and, of course, no shortage of athletes preparing for game day by getting lost...

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Apple aiming to bolster in-house advertising team to 1,000 employees, report claims

Apple has long been a company renowned for its advertising, and in an ongoing effort to keep things fresh, the company is reportedly looking to bolster its in-house team of advertising professionals. AdAge on Tuesday published a detailed look at Apple's efforts, which include pitting its own...

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Apple rolls out new fitness-centric iPhone ad titled "Strength"

Hot on the heels of a report that Apple is hoping to produce more of its own TV commercials in-house comes a new iPhone ad that debuted last night during the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. The new ad, appropriately titled "Strength", is rather fitness-centric as it shows the myriad of ways in which...

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