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1Password 4.5 for iOS gains features, slims down

Ask any member of the TUAW team what they use to keep track of the swarm of passwords they are confronted with on a typical day, and they're likely to say 1Password. AgileBits today announced a major update to the iOS version of the app, which is available for free to current users. 1Password 4.5 wi...

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Dropbox API changes spell sync troubles for older 1Password iOS versions

Dropbox announced some time ago that it would be retiring its original sync API, and it is being officially put out to pasture on September 1 to introduce a new, more secure version. This is good news for a lot of users, but people still using apps that were built on that older API will likely fin...

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Apple fixes 'spam hole' issue affecting legitimate messages

Recently, TUAW received several emails from users who were attempting to send developers logs for troubleshooting purposes. Those emails, all sent via iCloud email addresses (.mac, .icloud, .me) would vanish before arriving at their destination. Some companies quickly created workarounds so tha...

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1Password 4 for iOS offers new interface, favorites, more

AgileBits has updated 1Password for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to version 4 with many super new changes. It's got a beautiful new look and very handy features such as favorites, a built-in tabbed browser, a brand-new setup process and even a "demo mode" for showing off to friends without presenti...

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AgileBits teases 1Password 4

AgileBits has teased the release of 1Password 4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (see video below). I've been playing with a beta for a while and I'm eager to share it with you. There are lots of compelling changes. Look for our review when it finally launches. In the meantime, this brief blog po...

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Network-related crashes in Mountain Lion pinned on proxy settings

Mountain Lion may have a bug that's affecting users who have the Auto Proxy Discovery and Automatic Proxy Configuration networking features turned on, says Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater. According to Jalkut, apps, like his own MarsEdit, throw an error involving the CoreSchedulingSet or EmptyCore...

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Sonos, 1Password apps receive Retina updates

A couple of well-known apps have received updates today providing all of the Retina display love that you've been waiting for. 1Password for Mac and the Sonos Controller apps for iPhone and iPad now have bazillions of more pixels for your viewing pleasure. Over at AgileBits, ex-TUAWer David C...

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A very handy 1Password tip

I can't vouch for everyone out there, but at least amongst the blogging tribe here at TUAW, 1Password (from Agile Bits) is an indispensable piece of utility software. Now former TUAW blogger and current Evernote expert Brett Kelly has documented a cool 1Password tip that I'd like to pass along. Bre...

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Unofficial "Look Up in 1Password" bookmarklet for iOS 5

1Password is one of my most-used iOS apps, since I need it to log in to any site which requires a password. Since the introduction of 1Password on iOS, Agile has provided a bookmarklet which will open 1Password and then search for the current domain. That helps the fact that 1Password can't be full...

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1Password Pro grabs the TUAW Best of 2011 iPad utility app award

The latest TUAW Best of 2011 award should come as no surprise, particularly since the winner also topped the iPhone utility app voting. 1Password Pro (US$14.99) was voted by TUAW readers as the best iPad utility app of 2011, pulling in a whopping 56.6 percent of the votes. Why has this app captu...

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1Password: The best iPhone utility app in TUAW's Best of 2011

If you just got a new iPhone for Christmas, there's one handy utility app that you might want to purchase right away. It's 1Password for iPhone (sale priced at US$5.99) from Agile Bits Solutions, and it was named the best iPhone utility app in reader voting in TUAW's Best of 2011 awards. The ap...

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1Password now available on Mac App Store

If you haven't already heard, AgileBits has unleashed their fantastic password manager 1Password upon the Mac App Store. Not only is it now available in a convenient easy-to-update form, but this new version will include new features and an easy upgrade path to 4.0. Not to mention it's also HAL...

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1Password, Lion and that new Safari extension

1Password version 3 was recently made available with Mac OS X Lion compatibility, enhanced keyboard shortcuts and, most notably for Safari users, a new Safari extension. The new extension borrows heavily from its Chrome counterpart and represents a departure from the older version. I spoke with Da...

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1Password 3.6 adds Lion support, drops Leopard/PowerPCs (Updated)

1Password 3.6 is out now with a plethora of changes. Most notably, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is now supported while OS X 10.5 Leopard and PowerPC support has been dropped. David Chartier writes that the number of 1Password customers who are using Leopard or a PowerPC-based Mac has fallen into the si...

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