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Court refuses request to review Psystar case

You have to give Psystar credit for being tenacious. The Mac clone company spent four years fighting Apple and took its legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court. According to a CNET report, the Supreme Court on Monday refused Psystar's request to review a lower court decision that prevents t...

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Apple, others in talks to improve quality of music downloads

CNN reports that Apple is in touch with record labels to try and improve the quality of the downloadable music it sells on iTunes and elsewhere. Currently, the MP3s sold on iTunes are formatted as 16-bit files, but under the new proposal, they'd be upgraded to 24-bit files, which means the files wo...

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Apple and Psystar still battling in court

Like a league of zombies that just won't go away, Mac clone maker Psystar just keeps coming back for more punishment. In the most recent chapter of this ongoing courtroom drama, Psystar filed an Opening Brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in its request for an appeal to the permanent i...

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Rumor: AT&T to sell more Android phones

Well, I guess if Apple is planning to sell phones through Verizon as has been rumored for a long time, then turnabout is fair play. The latest scuttlebutt says that AT&T is readying to announce its own next-gen Android-based cellphones sometime next week, putting the news smack dab up against a...

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TV exclusives taking movies off of iTunes?

Has your favorite movie gone missing from iTunes or Netflix lately? The reason could be television, says CNET -- apparently a slew of movies on iTunes and Netflix's streaming service have recently fallen prey to television exclusive agreements. With the onset of Apple TV and apps like Boxee making i...

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iPhone Licensing Agreement

TUAW is pleased to bring you a gallery of the complete iPhone licensing agreement from the iPhone activation video earlier today. We haven't given it a full going-through yet (and frankly, we're not lawyers), so please let us know if you find any particularly intriguing or surprising language. It c...

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Apple Inc. and Apple Corps Ltd. finally settle trademark dispute, still no major iTunes release from Beatles

Apple Inc. and the Beatles' record label Apple Corps Ltd. have finally buried the hatchet and settled their very, very on-going dispute over 'Apple' related trademarks. After more than a decade of fighting over Apple's use of the name in selling music-related products, as well as music itself with t...

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