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Avatron's Air Stylus shows promise for artists

Avatron's new Air Stylus (US$19.99) app transforms third generation or newer iPads into pressure-sensitive drawing surfaces compatible with desktop graphic design apps. The app is an outgrowth of Avatron's Air Display app. Air Display extends your computer's desktop to your iPad or iPhone to prov...

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This insane Slope iPad stand will win your heart

Techgasm. It happens when a product or products simply exceed your expectations. That's not a teeny iMac in the picture to the right. It's my iPad 2 resting on a new Slope iPad stand. The Slope, which comes in versions for both iPad and iPad mini, finished a successful Kickstarter campaign last ye...

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Avatron launches ad-supported Air Display Free app

We've been fans of Avatron's Air Display for quite awhile. The iOS app lets you turn your iPhone or iPad into an additional monitor for your Apple desktop or notebook -- a productivity guru's dream come true. However, the app's US$9.99 price might have prevented would-be customers from jumping ...

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Daily iPad App: Air Display lets you add an HiDPI monitor to your Mac

We've covered Air Display from Avatron ever since it landed in the iOS App Store in early 2010. The popular utility lets you use your iPad as an external monitor for your Mac or Windows machine. Just like any standard external monitor, Air Display lets you extend your desktop or mirror it onto ...

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Avatron soldiers on with Air Sharing after removing Air Dictate

Avatron's Elliot Chase just shrugs when asked about Air Dictate, an app his company had to remove from the App Store after Apple discovered it made use of Siri that they didn't approve of. "There's no good news," he said while talking to us at Macworld | iWorld 2012. The main issue is over Air Dic...

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Avatron retires Air Dictate tool for remote Siri dictation

Avatron is a company well known for their iOS and Mac utilities. We are particularly fond of their Air Sharing apps and Air Display, among others. They have a reputation for building solid, reliable products. I could sense the dismay in CEO Dave Howell's message when he pinged me today to let me kn...

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Air Display for Mac: Turn another Mac into an extended display

One very popular and fun iPhone / iPad app that I love to use is Avatron Software's Air Display. As we described in a First Look back in May of 2010, Air Display turns an iOS device into a small wireless monitor that can be used to display app windows from a Mac or Windows computer. Now Avatr...

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Avatron's Dave Howell on the future of Air Display, Air Sharing and Print Sharing

Last week at CES 2011 we met up with Dave Howell, whose Avatron Software has delivered three apps to the App Store so far. Air Display and Air Sharing are already TUAW favorites, and Print Sharing is a relatively new app targeting one feature specifically: printing to a shared printer directly from ...

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First Look: Avatron Air Display for iPad extends your Mac screen

Avatron Software already has an iPad hit on their hands with AirSharing (US$2.99, $9.99 for Pro edition). Now they're on the verge of releasing a new and useful app that could change the way that you use your iPad and Mac together. We've got an exclusive pre-release look at this intriguing app, c...

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