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Track flights for free with Air UK Free

AirUK is an app developed by Fikret Urgan. It requires iOS 6.0 or later, is compatible with iPad and iPod touch, and is optimized for iPhone 5. A user can track flight statuses by following the movement of tiny plane icons. If you press on one of the planes, the app displays the flight number in...

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FAA: airline passengers may use electronic devices during all phases of flight

We all know the drill. You're on a plane before takeoff, checking your email or perhaps watching a movie on your Mac, iOS or Android device. Before you know it, the captain announces that all electronic devices need to be shut off before takeoff. You grudgingly comply. Thankfully, that drill will...

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Boeing introduces suite of iPad apps for airplane maintenance crews

There is no shortage of stories detailing how the iPad is increasingly becoming a mainstay in the airline industry. Whether it's being used as a replacement for flight bags or provided to travelers for entertainment purposes, Apple's trusty tablet has certainly earned its fair share of frequent fl...

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Hawaiian Airlines will offer iPad minis to passengers

Hawaiian Airlines this week announced that it will begin offering iPad minis to passengers flying between Hawaii and 14 routes that encompass destinations in the US, Asia and the South Pacific. The iPad mini will offer a full-fledged entertainment experience and will enable passengers to pick fro...

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iPad now being used in every American Airlines cockpit

American Airlines has announced the deployment of more than 8,000 iPads to the cockpits of its fleet as part of a new electronic flight bag for pilots. The roll out has lead to American discontinuing paper revisions to its terminal charts, saving money, paper and mess in the future. To put a numb...

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FAA to expand iPad usage, create app store

According to a report on aviation website AVweb, the Federal Aviation Administration plans to expand the use of the iPad by its employees. By 2014, employees will be given the choice to replace their laptops with an iPad and possibly other Android tablets. The FAA has found that the iPad improv...

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Etihad Airways to use iPads for aircraft training

Last year, the iPad landed in cockpits as a replacement for flight bags. Now it's being used to supplement training courses for aircraft engineers. According to a report by Gulf News, Etihad Airways is using the iPad to train 200 licensed aircraft engineers. Eleven engineers already went throug...

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Qantas tests iPad as in-flight entertainment

Starting in October, customers on select Qantas flights will be able to choose an iPad for their in-flight entertainment. The iPads will come with pre-loaded TV shows, movies and music to help pass the time on the plane. Eventually, Qantas hopes to deliver this multimedia content wirelessly so ...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App - Warplanes: A History of Aerial Combat

Gameloft recently released a new iPad book-app, Warplanes: A History of Aerial Combat (US$6.99). This app is follow-up to Gameloft's earlier book-app, War in the Pacific. This latest offering includes detailed information on 43 historic war planes including popular bombers like the B-52, fighte...

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iPad survives 500 foot fall from airplane thanks to G-Form Extreme Sleeve

Companies like G-Form enjoy wowing people with products that protect your device under the most extreme conditions. This time around, the team took an iPad, slipped it into their Extreme Sleeve and dropped it from an ultralight airplane. Similar to the iPhone that plummeted from a plane, the iP...

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Jetstar airline to offer in-flight iPads in April

Back in June 2010 we first reported on a pilot program by Qantas Airways' low-cost airline Jetstar to offer iPad rentals as in-flight entertainment, and now we have learned that Jetstar will finally start offering them in April for AUD$10 per flight. According to Australian Business Traveler, the in...

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TUAW gift guide: Griffin eXport In-Flight Video Cable

You've loaded a movie and a few episodes of "The Office" on your iPhone or iPod touch to keep you company as you fly this holiday. The only problem is that, while quite lovely, the iPhone's screen is not meant for watching The Bourne Identity in earnest. If only you could connect it to the monitor o...

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iPhone vs. Pre: The best air-travel companion

I'm by no means a frequent flyer, but I'm preparing for a trip to Vegas to get hitched in just about week. I'm loading up my iPhone with applications to make my vacation a little easier, like Flight Tracker and TripIt. Even with all these apps, I was left wondering if my iPhone would really be the p...

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Found Footage: Controlling radio control aircraft with an iPhone

Take one radio-controlled airplane or helicopter, add a Wi-Fi router and some custom software, then mix in an iPhone's accelerometer and touch interface. What do you get? An R/C aircraft controller. Joshua Ziering loves to fly radio-controlled 'copters and planes, and he describes exactly how he wen...

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Fly the friendlier sky with your iPod

Apple has teamed up with a handful (if you have a 6-fingered hand) of airlines to offer iPod integration, making your long flight a bit more comfortable. Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United will deliver the first "seamless integration" between the iPod and their own in-flight en...

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