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Backtrace, the geekiest album you'll hear, hits Billboard comedy charts

I saw James Dempsey speak at AltConf this past June (AltConf runs during WWDC for those who want something a little different). James goes way back in Apple lore to the NeXT days, and for his talk he pulled some code to show how Swift didn't just materialize from thin air, it has its origins in ...

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Tapsbook gives photos new iPad organizing flair

There are small problems, big problems, and the "how on earth do I organize all my photos" problem. That last one may just prove to be the least tractable, especially for parents of young children who have seen the digital revolution overturn the traditional album, folder and shoeboxful strategy. ...

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Flaming Lips create tune for 12 smartphones

This is a little trippy. The band Flaming Lips once released a studio album containing four CDs designed to be played all at the same time. Flaming Lips has upped the ante and uploaded 12 different clips to YouTube, which are all supposed to be played on 12 different smartphones at the same time (o...

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Gorillaz iPad album, called The Fall, out now

As promised, the new Gorillaz album showed up online over Christmas, and it's available for download right now. The album is called The Fall, and you can listen to one of the 15 tracks, called "Phoner to Arizona," embedded after the break. The whole record was made completely with an iPad, and CNN ...

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Gorillaz iPad album coming for free on Christmas

If you were excited to hear that Gorillaz and Blur frontman Damon Albarn has made an album completely on the iPad, get ready to have a very merry Christmas: it's coming out on December 25th, Christmas Day, and Albarn is giving it away for completely free. On Christmas Eve, the band will release a n...

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Damon Albarn making next Gorillaz album completely on an iPad

Musicians love the iPad -- it's a powerful computer with an intuitive interface, and that turns Apple's tablet into one of the best musical instruments (both real and virtual) around. Now, Damon Albarn, formerly of Blur and now frontman for the band Gorillaz, has become a fan as well. He tells NME ...

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iPodMeister gives you an iPad for your old CDs

Want to get a new iPad but a little short on cash? Trade in a bunch of your old CDs or DVDs to a company called iPodMeister and your problems are solved. Sound too good to be true? It's not, reports the New York Times. iPodMeister was founded by a group of musicians and students who realized that t...

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Snaptell for iPhone goes 2.0

One of my favorite apps in the early days of the App Store, SnapTell Explorer, has recently updated to version 2.0, and while they've dropped the "Explorer" part and were purchased by Amazon earlier this year, the app still offers the same impressive functionality: take a shot of a book, DVD, or alb...

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"Preview All" added to albums in iTunes

Apple has made iTunes a bit more useful for surveying entire albums. A TUAW reader directed our attention to the addition of a 'Preview All' button for albums on the iTunes Store. The store has always given prospective buyers the ability to preview individual tracks. While 30 seconds of sound may ...

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Apple and record labels to release competing enhanced album formats

Remember when we said the four largest record companies were working together with Apple to add enhanced liner notes and extra media to full album purchases through the iTunes Store? Well, apparently Apple wasn't in on that cooperation. The Guardian is reporting that the four companies' plans for ...

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iTunes Store to add enhanced liner notes, extra media to album purchases

Digital music purchases have been dominating the market for some time now as physical CD purchases continue to fall. For Apple, a significant lead over the rest of the music proprietor world is not enough: according to the Financial Times, the company is now working together with the four largest...

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Scanning wallet cards into the iPhone

This is pretty much genius. Like Albert, I have a bunch of "membership cards" in my wallet -- they're those cards with a barcode or number on them that you get from places like the local grocery store, or some other retailer. They're useful to have around, but they tend to pile up after a while, a...

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Radiohead ditches iTunes to keep album complete

Here's an interesting twist on the iTunes vs. record companies situation. Radiohead (disclaimer: I'm a Radiohead fan) is choosing not to sell their latest album on iTunes not because their record company is pressuring them out of the deal-- their record company is EMI, and they're more than willing ...

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TUAW Tip: Re-embed iTunes artwork in media files

One of the backend changes that came with the release of iTunes 7 is how the app stores album artwork. The days of embedding album artwork in music files are gone, due in part (I assume) to the purchase and integration of CoverFlow, a flashy new way to browse your albums. Artwork is now stored in ...

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iTunes Tip: sort by Album is smarter than you think

The most useful tips are sometimes the easiest to pull off, and this one from ryerye at Mac OS X Hints definitely falls into that camp. It turns out that iTunes' Album column can also sort with "Album by Artist" and "Album by Year." That second option is especially nice, since it's actually a 'Sort ...

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