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Crying wolf: when emergency alerts stop being effective

Yesterday, I switched off all AMBER and Emergency iPhone Alerts in Settings > Notification Center. This followed a day and a night of flash flood warnings that started at 1 AM and continued until just after noon. [Erica is in Colorado, where recent wet weather has contributed to disastrous flood...

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iPhone 101: Living dangerously with government alerts turned off

Given the surfeit of wild and life-threatening weather events across the USA over the past few months, it's great that the major iPhone carriers now all support the Federal system for wireless emergency alerts. These location-specific messages are broadcast by cell towers in an affected area, and pr...

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Beepocalypse: How Apple could improve multi-device reminders

Today, beloved leader Victor pointed me to this write-up over at Tidbits. Although Joe Kissel's experience with quite so many devices (nine, I believe) falls a bit into the extremes of iOS/OS X use, the problem of dealing with distributed alarms is a real one: a single reminder can set off alerts...

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WWDC Alerts will help make sure you get into Moscone

Two Mac developers have created an alerts service, which you can sign up for free right now, that will let you know the very moment that tickets go on sale for this year's WWDC in San Francisco. Just put in your cell phone number, send back one code for verification, and then you'll get a text ...

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Boxcar Beta for Mac available, brings notifications to Mac

Today brings a delightful surprise for Mac users with Boxcar joining the Mac family. Boxcar has been the standard for getting push notifications from your social networks, email, RSS and other services on iOS devices since it launched in July of 2009, and it has been one of my favorite iPhone a...

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iOS 4.3 spotlight: Message alerts options

Aside from major features like Personal Hotspot and iTunes Home Sharing, iOS 4.3 also brings some subtle changes to the way message alerts work. The settings for the Messages app now allow you to have alert tones repeat up to ten times at two minute intervals, which will come in handy if you're aw...

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Dear Apple: It's (past) time to let us customize our alert tones

Picture this: you're hanging out at a friend's house, and the familiar "doodle-dee!" of the iPhone's Tri-tone alert sound goes off. But four people simultaneously start reaching for their iPhones, because they're all using that sound for SMS/MMS alerts. Or how about this: you're on a bike ride and g...

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Waze still has a 'waze' to go

The free nav app for the iPhone, Waze, has just been updated with a new 2.0 version that sports some new features and some of the same old problems. Waze is basically a navigation app with some crowdsourced features. If you are using the app, Waze keeps track of your location, and if you get stuc...

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Fewer prepaid alerts after iPhone 1.0.2 update?

Now that the iPhone 1.0.2 update is out and growing its installed base, do any of you prepaid users notice a difference in the number of "You Last Transaction Cost $0.00" messages? Maybe it's just me but I'm getting the sense they've been cut back significantly. If you have a prepaid account, let me...

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Dockstar 2.0 brings screensaver, widget and more badge options to Mail.app

Mail.app junkies who demand more from that little red Dock badge - rejoice! Dockstar, the go-to app for adding up to 5 new notification badges to Mail.app's icon that we've mentioned before, has received some great new features for a version 2.0 upgrade. New in this version are features like count...

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New iTunes alert quick link

Alerts are nothing new. You've been able to sign up for e-mail alerts in iTunes for some time through your account management pages. Recently, a new alert quick link appeared on the main iTunes page, letting you hop over to a page to manage those alerts without having to go through several pages of ...

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Help Dori Smith get her System alerts back

Check out this post over at Backup Brain. Dori Smith is having a very odd problem where her System Alerts aren't playing, although every other sound on her computer sings like a charm. It's like a troubleshooter's puzzle for the holidays. She even posted a Flickr set of her settings to serve as clue...

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