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Where's my Water creator goes from QA to hit game designer at Disney Mobile

Tim FitzRandolph joined Disney Mobile's gaming team from the lowest rung possible: The Quality Assurance department. Game testers often work long hours on early versions of unfinished games, and FitzRandolph's first job was no exception. "I studied film studies and nothing to do with games, a...

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Louis Vuitton releases first luxury iPhone cases

This wasn't on the iPhone Bingo card, but it should have been. Where there's an extremely coveted gadget, there'll be an extremely expensive luxury case for it. Louis Vuitton has announced a set of four cases for the iPhone: Monogram Canvas, Taiga Leather, Epi Leather and Alligator Skin. The Taiga...

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Alligator iPod speakers

Nothing says, 'I love you,' more this holiday season than an iPod Hi-Fi wrapped in Alligator skin. What iPod toting excotic skin lover wouldn't be happy to find this Dunhill Alligator iPod Speaker with their name on it? This is a one of a kind, made to order, item which means it is pricey, but it do...

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