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Reeder updated to connect with Feedbin, or nothing at all

Personally, I'm still in denial about losing my beloved Google Reader in the near future. The web-based RSS reader has been a standby ever since I started using RSS, and even when I used other services, like the great Reeder app on iOS, they ran through Google Reader to get their content. But...

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UB Replacements for Non-Intel Mac Apps

In this post about Roxio Toast, TUAW asked which applications you were still waiting for to be ported to universal binary. I thought I'd compile a list of universal binary applications that can fill the roles of those that people are still waiting for: For Screen Capture Display Eater is still a wor...

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50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod

Ok, so the list only hits 44, but still, who couldn't use a few more things to do with their little white gadget? I mean, only playing music on an iPod is so... 2001. Anyway, kottke.org has put together quite the creative list of *other* things you can do with your iPod. Notable alternatives include...

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