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Warner Music Group ditches DRM, on Amazon MP3 only

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the Music Industry who thinks that DRM is a good thing, and today it looks like more people in the Music Industry are seeing the error of their ways. Warner Music Group has announced that starting today people can buy their entire digital catalog via...

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Amazon MP3: a quick review

Being the intrepid blogger that I am, I thought I would go ahead and give Amazon's new MP3 store a whirl, since it works with iTunes and offers up high quality DRM-free MP3 files. What better way to compare and contrast the Amazon experience to the iTunes Store experience than purchasing the same so...

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Amazon MP3: DRM free downloads from Amazon

Amazon today unveiled Amazon MP3 Beta (because if it isn't in beta, it isn't cool), a music download service that offers up music as it was meant to be: DRM free. EMI is onboard, as well as iTunes hating Universal, and a host of smaller record labels. Prices for single tracks vary but most are betwe...

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