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Daily iPhone App: SoundMeter+ monitors your environment for hearing damaging noise

Most people don't think about their background noise levels, but those who work or live in noisy environments need to be aware of sounds that could ruin their hearing. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can monitor your ambient noise levels using the new SoundMeter+ application. SoundMeter+ u...

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AIRbudz: A safer way to listen to your tunes

While the world seems to be beating a path to the door of manufacturers of noise-canceling earphones, inventor Tammy Erdel has a much better idea that could save some lives. AIRbudz replace the removable earbuds on your favorite set of earphones and allow the sound around you to mix with the ...

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Show Time may be the mother of all alarm clock apps

There's no shortage of apps to wake you up in the morning. Show Time may be the most extensive, and it has a wicked sense of humor as well. The app handles multiple alarms and has 25 ambient noise selections to put you to sleep, or you can choose something from your iTunes collection. There are 5...

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