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Ambrosia Software employees report layoffs, but company says it's still in business (updated)

Tweets posted in the past couple hours from Ambrosia Software employees reveal that a number of its developers have been laid off. "End of an era, so long and thanks for all the fish, ambrosia. On to the next adventure," Rudy Richter, a software developer for Ambrosia, tweeted. Subsequent t...

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Audio tool WireTap Anywhere hits v2.0

Ambrosia Software has released WireTap Anywhere 2.0, an upgrade to the company's professional audio routing and mixing software. Following up on the 2008 release of version 1.0, this upgrade claims that "hardwired is out; softwired is in" and allows users to capture, map, and independently adjust a...

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Soundboard is a simple but useful sound board

In the video below I quickly run through the basics of Soundboard, from Ambrosia Software (makers of WireTap Studio and Snapz Pro, but they've made Mac apps and games for years). It's just what you'd think: a series of buttons tied to sounds, just like you'd see at a radio station for live broadcast...

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Ambrosia releases WireTap Anywhere audio capture tool

In the Mac audio software market, Ambrosia's WireTap Studio made a splash last year when it launched, offering lossless capture and audio editing with a fresh interface (and competing with incumbent heavyweight Audio Hijack Pro from Rogue Amoeba). Although it aimed at being an end-to-end solution f...

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iToner 1.0.8 ready for iPhone 2.0

iToner is Ambrosia's application that makes it easy to put free ringtones on your iPhone. Because really -- paying for ringtones is ridiculous. It works without hacks or tricks. Simply drop any MP3, AAC, WAVE, or AIFF audio file onto the application's window and boom! You're done. Ambrosia released ...

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iToner 1.0.7 is available

iToner by Ambrosia Software lets iPhone owners put an unlimited number of custom ringtones onto their phones with no hacks and no per-ringtone fees. We've written about iToner several times, and interviewed Ambrosia's president Andrew Welch about the future of the product. This week, iToner 1.0.7 wa...

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Ambrosia teases new iPhone game

Are we the only ones unnaturally excited for the iPhone App Store? We don't know how distribution will work, but imagine great applications available from top-notch OS X developers at the touch of a finger. Bored in a waiting room? Try out a new game, buy it and play it right then and there. You kno...

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Ambrosia's Uplink goes universal

Who among us didn't want to start a career in illegal computer hacking after watching the movie Wargames (and who actually did)? You can fulfill your cyber crime fantasies with Uplink, Ambrosia Software's corporate hacking game. You play as a covert agent hired to gain information from rival compan...

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Ambrosia Macworld swag giveaway

We're kicking off a few weeks of giveaways with a little bit of Macworld swag from Ambrosia Software. If you didn't attend Macworld, now's your chance to pretend you stopped by the Ambrosia booth anyway (for the full experience be sure to watch our interview with founder Andrew Welch too). What's in...

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Show floor video: Ambrosia Software talks apps and games

Mike spoke to Ambrosia Software founder Andrew Welch about their newest app, WireTap Studio. Andrew gave us a few clues as to what to expect in the next version of Snapz Pro, and had a little criticism for Apple regarding games on the Mac. Also available on: YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, ...

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Ambrosia updates apps but pulls iToner 1.0.5

Update: Despite the presence of the iToner 1.0.5 press release on Ambrosia's news page, the download page is currently offering up 1.0.4. Ambrosia's press rep has contacted us and says, "Sorry for the confusion and also the inconvenience. We are aware of an issue with iToner 1.0.5 and are currently...

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TUAW Interview: Andrew Welch on WireTap Studio

After our interview about iToner last week, Ambrosia Software president Andrew Welch sat down with us again to talk about his company's newest product, WireTap Studio, which was released yesterday. WireTap Studio will supercede WireTap Pro allowing users not only to record any audio source on their ...

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TUAW Interview: Ambrosia's Andrew Welch on the iPhone update and iToner

As we reported yesterday, Ambrosia Software is working hard to get their iPhone ringtone maker iToner working again after it was broken by the iPhone 1.1.1 update. Last evening the president of Ambrosia Software, Andrew Welch, was kind enough to sit down with us (virtually, anyway) to comment on the...

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iToner 1.0.2 is available

In the world of iPhone ringtones, there's the Apple way, and there's the way everyone else does it. For the latter, Ambrosia has released iToner which lets you use any MP3 or AAC as a ringtone for your iPhone (we first looked at iToner a couple of weeks ago). Changes in version 1.0.2 include: Im...

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Ambrosia releases pop-pop 1.0.5

I'm cleaning out the TUAW tipline, and I notice that we accidentally glossed over the fact that Ambrosia Software recently released version 1.0.5 of their game pop-pop, a fun little Breakout clone with a bunch of extras, and a pretty wacky art style. The latest release is a Universal Binary, is al...

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