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AmpliTube Fender for iPhone & iPad set for imminent release

We've just had word from our guy at IK Multimedia that AmpliTube Fender for iPhone and iPad is pending approval at Apple and soon to be available on the iOS App Store. The AmpliTube Fender app is just like the AmpliTube 2 app, but it's all about Fender tone, which has been critically tested an...

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Count The Beats: A closer look at Amplitube 2.0 for iOS

A few weeks ago, IK Multimedia released Amplitube 2.0, the next iteration of its guitar effects and amplifier emulator app for iOS (don't forget, you need the external iRig piece of kit, too). It's only been about 5 months since version 1.0 came out, but when we got word that version 2.0 was in the ...

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AmpKit, a new way to shred with your iPhone

Peavey and Agile Partners have just introduced AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK, an iPhone-based hardware/app combo that takes portable guitar and bass effects to a new level. It's loud, it's lightweight, and it's an extremely flexible (and relatively inexpensive) alternative to a floor full of pedals. Matt T...

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Reuse an old Apple floppy drive as an amp

We love reading articles like this. Folks who use old gadgets for novel purposes make our geeky little hearts dance. Take as evidence the DIY iPod video projector and the iPod nano slide viewer. Today we came across a post from jeffkobi at Instructables describing how he turned a 5.25" floppy drive...

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AMP: Front Row-like Touchscreen Interface

In preparing our recent carputer post, I came across AMP, the Front Row-like touchscreen interface Sam used for his car based Mac. Designed by author Aychamo with an extensible plugin architecture AMP already has plugins allowing you to import and access your iTunes library, movies, and photos. It ...

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Nike Amp+

Don't you love it when as yet unreleased products show up on Gift Guides? The Nike Amp+ was included on Men's Health's 2007 Tech Guide (there isn't a permalink, but it is listed under Media Players). What? You haven't heard of the Nike Amp+? Well, there is good reason for that, it hasn't been releas...

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