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Ray Zone's 3D Jungle Adventures Comic brings a bit of 1953 to the iPad

Ray Zone's 3D Jungle Adventures (US$0.99) is native iPad comic book that took me back to when I was ten and my parents brought me to a flea market. There I picked up a ten year old copy of The House of Terror published by the now defunct St. John's Publishing Company. It was in gloriously gory anagl...

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HoloToy: An amazing 3D app for iPhone and iPad

We've looked at a lot of 3D apps before, but I believe that HoloToy (US$0.99) is really something special. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you should download it right now. I don't think you'll find a better 3D app in the whole store. HoloToy uses anamorphosis perspective projection t...

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Flight Control HD live on the iPad

If there's a breakout game for the iPad already, it's probably Flight Control HD -- the game was announced a while ago (we talked about it with Firemint back at GDC), but the title has stayed in the top 10 pretty consistently since the iPad's App Store went live yesterday. Firemint has finally dr...

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Cartoon Creator: a great introduction to animation in an app

Remember flip books? Get a stack of paper and draw something on the first page. On the next page, draw just about the same thing moved slightly, repeat until you run out of paper. Staple the pile together, flip through the pages and if you did it right, your drawings move like an animated cartoon. ...

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3D Camera adds depth to your iPhone photography

3D photo apps are not new to the iPhone platform, but a new app from Juicy Bits looks promising in terms of making those pictures with depth a lot easier to take and view. 3D Camera 1.1 [US$1.99, click opens iTunes] is now available for iPhone OS 2.2 and 3.0 devices, and it lets you take photos that...

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Diorama will tilt your mind

See, now this is the kind of game I want from my iPhone -- the accelerometer isn't just a gimmick thrown in with the gameplay, it's the actual premise of the game. Diorama is a weird little Marble Madness-style maze game, but the catch here is that instead of just tilting the accelerometer to move ...

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