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Realmac's Analog 1.2 adds filters, round-tripping to iPhoto and Aperture

Realmac Software has released version 1.2 of its Mac photo effects app Analog (US$19.99), adding a number of features that improve on an already fun and useful app. The new version allows photographers to move and scale images inside the borders to allow more control of cropping. For owners o...

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Daily Mac App: Analog (Updated)

It's funny. As the cameras in our iPhones get more spectacular capabilities, more apps are appearing every day to give those beautiful high-resolution photos scratches, tints, and frames that make them look ... well, not so nice. Analog (Realmac Software, US$7.99 introductory price) is another ...

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Analog app teaser shows photo modification for Mac

It's not yet clear who's behind it, but the teaser video for Analog (shown below) hints at a photo filtering app coming to the Mac App Store sometime soon. Check it out, and if you have a guess as to the source of the teaser let us know in the comments. Analog for Mac - "Soul" Teaser...

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Apple //e running source code loaded from an iPad

Stick with us here -- this is complicated but cool. So, Stewart Smith happened to see online that the Panic Software guys had an old Apple IIe (sorry, //e) sitting around their office, and he emailed to ask them if they could possibly use it to run an old text animation that he'd created for a song...

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