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Moneyball comes to the NHL with ProPuck Wizard

Billy Beane with the Oakland A's earned the most attention for his early use of analytics in setting up a line-up and running a major league baseball team. Now more and more sports are employing front office personnel with strong statistical and math backgrounds. ProPuck Wizard, a free universal...

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Apple CarPlay: What is it and why should you care?

If you have a car and an iPhone, chances are they already know each other. CarPlay builds on the iPod interfaces that are available on nearly every new model. It's not a direct mirror of your iPhone, but a tailored set of apps with a pared-down feature set. Plug in your phone, and CarPlay hig...

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Apple's September event may be its most significant event in years

Let's be honest. There's something different in the air about Apple's upcoming media event, now officially confirmed for September 9. Before getting to what products might be announced, it's worth noting that this year's event will not be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts or on Apple's C...

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In-depth analysis of soccer teams available with FuteNotes

The FuteNotes app is intended to be used by local youth soccer coaches or parents assisting the coaches but could also be used by fans who like to track their favorite professional team. The app, priced at US$2.99 works on the iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. With all the data entered ahead o...

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Microsoft still doesn't get why the iPhone succeeded

About two weeks ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella penned a detailed memo to Microsoft employees, a mission statement of sorts, outlining the company's vision and strategy for the future. Upon reading the memo, along with a subsequent interview Nadella conducted with The Verge, I was struck by the f...

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Sales of smartphones with 5-inch+ screens grew by a staggering 369% last quarter

A newly published report from Canalys relays that the market for smartphones with screens 5 inches or above increased by a staggering 369% during the first quarter of 2014. Of the 279.4 million smartphones shipped during the quarter, 94.86 million units (about 34% of all shipments) were composed o...

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Forbes argues Apple needs to make bigger acquisitions, but we disagree

A recent article in Forbes tacitly argues that Apple would do well to take a page out of Facebook's playbook and start snatching up companies instead of, you know, returning money to shareholders. While Facebook recently spent $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp, Apple in stark contrast spent $14 billio...

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Reality Absorption Field: NFC Not Fascinating Cupertino

The road to ubiquity is a rough one for most tech industry standards. Even when they become prevalent, it often is not long before a direct alternative or a general shift in the technology landscape comes along to try to bump them off the hilltop. For example, Wi-Fi is one of the most ubiquitous w...

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Reality Absorption Field: The iPad triple

General: Conan! What is best in life? Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. --Conan the Barbarian, 1982 A key reason for Apple's success has been that it has been more concerned with the customer experience than in trying to jostle...

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Apple and the Gambler's Fallacy

For reasons that often defy explanation, the news swirling around Apple always tends to be framed in a negative light. Despite Apple's success and unparalleled ability to release hit product after hit product over a multi-year stretch, many in the tech industry would have you believe that Apple's de...

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Reality Absorption Field: The Crusaders

Is technology made to serve consumers, companies or causes? When Apple introduced the Macintosh, it famously invoked Orwell's vision of 1984 to promote how its little beige box would stand in the way of IBM's hegemony. In the coming years and for reasons that had little to do with the Mac, IBM wou...

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Why smartphone marketshare is overrated... and not Apple's top priority

If you listen to the pundits, Apple really messed up by not making the iPhone 5c more affordable. The underlying assumption by those so quick to second guess Apple's iPhone 5c strategy is that Apple is losing the marketshare war with Android. Consequently, the reasoning goes, Apple needs to churn ou...

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Game On: Smartphones pose little threat to gaming as we know it

Gaming is in a transitional period right now. We're approaching the end of a console generation, new handheld systems are attempting to gain a foothold, and smartphone gaming is just starting to put on its big boy pants and doing its best to swing with the big dogs. In short, it's a rather excitin...

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Looking at Samsung Note 3 with Apple-centric eyes

There's a lot to like about the Galaxy Note 3. The new phablet's got a screen the size of a baby dolphin. It offers several interaction and multitasking innovations -- I particularly like the circle-to-copy and the pull-up calculator. Its fine-grained, stylus-based input gives users a lot more co...

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Nintendo needs to embrace iOS as a games platform

In 2011, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata vowed that his company would absolutely not create games for iOS devices. That same year saw the launch of the 3DS, Nintendo's new hope for mobile gaming dominance. Now, in 2013, with its marquee home console, the Wii U, thoroughly underperforming in sales...

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