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Ranking Apple analysts

Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Apple 2.0 keeps track of the how well Wall Street analysts -- and amateur Apple watchers -- predict the fortunes of the company. An overzealous estimate of earnings that isn't met by a correspondingly big figure by Apple always seems to result in a hit on share price, so ...

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Apple's "disappointing" quarter cause for questions, not panic

In amongst the MoLo Madness, there's been some back and forth in the blogosphere today over the possibility that Apple's third quarter financial results were "disappointing" or not, mostly based on the fact that professional analysts predicted Apple would earn far more than it did and now they're ...

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Mac sales climb after launch of OS X Lion and new MacBook Airs

Apple's current quarterly earnings should receive a nice boost from brisk sales of Mac hardware says analysts. This summer increase can be attributed to the July introduction of OS X Lion and new MacBook Air and Mac mini models. The latest NPD report suggests Mac sales may climb 26% year over...

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Forrester: iPad may be (slightly) more vulnerable in Europe

Sometimes the market-research business can be tough. On the same day that a German court blocked sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in almost every EU country, a new report from Forrester Research arrives on the scene -- and it says that if Apple competitors want to take on the iPad, Europe m...

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Apple jumps to no. 3 in US PC market, even without iPad

Gartner and the market intelligence firm IDC have made their quarterly proclamation about PC retail shipments, and things aren't too great for that market: Growth is much slower than expected, picking up only 2.3%, way off from the predictions of 6.7 growth made in the first quarter of this yea...

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Former Apple supplier exec pleads guilty to leaking iPhone details

Former Flextronics employee Walter Shimoon pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and security fraud. Shimoon leaked information about upcoming Apple products to hedge fund traders in late 2009. He is one of 11 people who have admitted their guilt after the government's crac...

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Wall Street cuts Apple estimates, iPhone 5 "delay" the reason

Analysts are responding to Apple's planned WWDC conference and the ensuing rumor that suggests Apple may delay the launch of iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 until the fall. Jim Dalrymple, of The Loop, confirmed that his report that the iPhone 5 would not be introduced at WWDC was not based on speculation,...

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Analysts: Apple may have sold between 5-9 million iPads in Q2

The week after the iPad 2 went on sale, I kept expecting Apple to issue a press release announcing that it had sold a million iPad 2s within X number of days (Apple sold about 2 million of the first version in the first 60 days). However, the first week passed and now, more than two weeks later...

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Tragedy in Japan hasn't "meaningfully impacted iPad 2 supply"

The Japanese earthquake had a devastating effect on the people of Japan and temporarily shut down many manufacturing facilites. Analysts speculated this disaster might have produced a shortage of key components used in the electronics manufacturing process, but according to Piper Jaffray analys...

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Yuanta Securities analysts claim iPad 2 will be delayed until June (Updated)

The iPad 2 may be delayed due to "production bottlenecks" at manufacturing company Hon Hai Precision, parent company of Foxconn. This delay is partially the result of unspecified changes in the iPad 2 design made by Apple before the Lunar New Year on February 3, according to a report from Yuanta Se...

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CNBC: Apple should be world's most valuable company

Apple's latest earnings report has been available for three weeks, and analysts are chiming in with their 2011 assessment of the Cupertino company. Though Apple's stock dipped slightly after Steve Jobs announced another medical leave of absence, the release of the Verizon iPhone and Apple's 2011 for...

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Report: In-app purchases to overtake download revenues by 2013

Here's an interesting report from Juniper Research. According to their work, mobile app revenues will reportedly grow from the current US $6 billion to a whopping $11 billion by 2015. And the majority of that revenue will come not from the standard download fee, but instead from in-app purchases, a...

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Analyst: Apple's sales in China could triple in two years

Here's more good news for Apple from the Chinese front: Katy Huberty and Mathew Schneider from Morgan Stanley have released a report saying that Apple could make as much as $9 billion from China in the fiscal year of 2012, as opposed to $2.9 billion in the last fiscal year. That kind of growth woul...

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iSuppli: Apple to sell 120 million iPads by 2012

Many analysts were disappointed when Apple announced 4.2 million iPads sold in Q4 during the conference call yesterday. The consensus -- or hope -- among many on Wall Street was a 5m+ iPad quarter. But if iSuppli's report today is any indication, the Wall Street boys have nothing to worry about whe...

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Apple may have sold 4 million Macs in Q4 2010

Fortune is suggesting that Apple could have sold as many as four million Macs this quarter, which would be pretty astounding. PC sales in general have been down lately, but the Mac seems to be immune, still selling like hotcakes. Hitting the four million mark in the last quarter of 2010 would be a ...

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