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Tapulous making a million a month off the App Store

Well, even with rampant piracy, review craziness, and that funky approval process, it's good to hear that someone can still make a truckload of cash on the App Store. According to Reuters, that someone is Tapulous, who is apparently making almost a million dollars a month thanks to twenty million...

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Devs quickly move to new models after in-app purchase change

It was just yesterday that Apple announced they would allow free apps to enable in-app purchases, and developers are already jumping on the "get the app for free, buy the content later" business model as quickly as they can. ngmoco came out swinging, as Touch Arcade reports, with both a free intro v...

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TUAW Interview: Andrew Lacy of Tapulous on Tap Tap Revenge 3

By the time you read this, Tap Tap Revenge 3 should have made its way to the App Store. The latest version of the rhythm game/music platform for the iPhone and iPod touch is a huge release for Tapulous -- from the series' humble beginnings as a pre-App Store bit of code to the more recent incarnatio...

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