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Here's a look at the whole universe of Angry Birds games (so far)

Bad Piggies is the latest title added to Rovio's growing universe of Angry Birds games, and the latest word is that it's the fastest-selling game in the company's history, hitting number one on the App Store just a few hours after it launched. Given all of the various Angry Birds properties tha...

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Angry Birds creators plan new game, location-based platform

Rovio's next big plan for Angry Birds is to add in some location-based features, according to GigaOM, with a platform it's calling Angry Birds Magic. The platform will use location-based information on a number of different smartphones (including, presumably, the iPhone, though there's some ref...

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Ads in Angry Birds cause some squawking

Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka was pretty outgoing at GDC a few weeks ago, claiming that "it all works" when it comes to ad-driven business models on the App Store. But he might be relearning that lesson the hard way right now -- after an update to Angry Birds HD on the iPad added a "News" section i...

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TUAW's Daily App: Trucks and Skulls

I'll be honest, at the expense of disagreeing with some of you: I don't really like Angry Birds. Sure, I'll admit it's a quality app, and I obviously can't deny all of those sales. But personally, it's just not my game -- I don't find it nearly as fun as some of the other games on the App Store. ...

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Angry Birds Christmas to be free upgrade to Halloween edition

Rovio has a free gift on the way for everyone that ponied up the $0.99 for the Halloween edition of Angry Birds. The promised Christmas edition of the super-addictive mobile game will be a free update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. @RovioMobile responded to a query on Twitter confirming t...

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Homemade Angry Birds costumes take flight

We've seen Steve Jobs and an iPhone so far, and here come some Angry Birds costumes, from the hit iPhone game. These were all made by crafters (from what looks like fabric, felt, and plastic), and some of them look pretty elaborate. I like the pig costume the best, although dressing yourself in a c...

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The app market, by the numbers

The very insightful Stuart Dredge over at Mobile Entertainment has compiled an amazing primer on all of the numbers behind the app market (which you can also see by clicking the "Read More" link, although it's not viewable on an iPad or iPhone). If you want to know anything about how many apps are ...

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Rovio sells 6.5M copies of Angry Birds without advertising once

I got to meet the creators of Angry Birds back at E3 earlier this year, but because of our busy schedules, didn't get too much of a chance to really talk with them in-depth about their experience on the App Store so far. Fortunately, GamesBeat has done just that, providing a nice profile of Rovio's...

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Topping the App Store charts with Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the growing number of phenomenal success stories coming out of the App Store. It's a simple game; you drag birds in a slingshot in order to try and get them to knock down structures and hit green pigs. It's really resonated with audiences, though, and just like we heard with Do...

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