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Dear Aunt TUAW: Where did Preview's link annotation go?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I recently upgraded Lion to Mountain Lion. Such a beautiful and fluid OS. For a particular assignment, I wanted to convert a document into a PDF which Apple's Preview does it effectively. The problem arose when I wanted to annotate a hyperlink in the PDF. In Lion, I could do...

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Daily iPad App: Adobe Reader is an easy way to add annotations and signatures to your PDF documents

Adobe updated its Reader app for iOS, and what was a good PDF reader is now an excellent tool to annotate and sign documents. As luck would have it, I needed to add a note and sign a PDF file that was sent to me via email today. This rare occurrence gave me the opportunity to check out these ne...

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Audiolio: A multitasking note-taking and audio recording app for iPad

There are a ton of note-taking apps for the iPad, since the portable hands-on device is so analogous to the traditional pen and notepad. Many of these apps also allow a way to record audio in the background as you take notes. Audiolio (US$2.99) looks at taking notes in another way, providing wr...

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Sign legal documents with your finger, your iPad and Softsign

Did you ever think of your finger as a legal signing tool? Softsign for iPad (free for a limited time) offers a PDF annotation tool for iOS that allows you to sign legal documents via a touch screen. Developer Tom Hodgson points out that a variety of laws implemented more than a decade ago made...

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Daily iPad App: PDF Expert

We've covered PDF Expert a bit before, but this week they rolled out a 3.0 update that greatly enhances the functionality in the app. When the iPad debuted, one of the first apps to rocket to the top of the charts was GoodReader, and with good reason: it was a better PDF reader than Apple's bui...

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Clarify brings focus to your screen-based documentation

Clarify -- now in Public Beta -- is Mango Learning System's new product for communicating screen-based instructions quickly and easily. It's something like a successor to ScreenSteps (which history will show I'm a big fan of), but in the words of developer Greg Devore, "while ScreenSteps was ai...

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Skitch leaps out of beta, 1.0 available now

Since it debuted in beta form at Macworld Expo in 2007, Skitch has become a favorite Mac utility for many, many people. It's great at grabbing screenshots, adding annotations and notes, and sharing them on Skitch.com, Flickr, Mobile.me or even your own server. We've waited three years for a 1.0 rele...

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ScreenSteps 2.5 takes screen-based documentation a step forward

ScreenSteps, the invaluable tool (mentioned here many a time) for writing software documentation quickly and easily, has updated to version 2.5. Among the new features is improved annotation capabilities, including a text tool and keyboard shortcuts for speedy duplication and repositioning of annota...

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Annotation helps you get your ducks in sequence

Have you ever said to yourself, "Gosh, I have all this animal observation DV footage, but no way to log the behaviors?" OK, maybe not. How about "Wow, I'm running this focus group/sleep study/usability project and I'd love to tag my tapes with timecoded subject actions?" Either way, Annotation 1.0 m...

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