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Apple unveils a new iOS 7 site

As you might expect, Apple has unveiled a brand-new official website for iOS 7, showing off the new operating system, its new (flat!) look and new features. You can see a hint of what the new look is like above, but of course the website goes into much more detail, and shows off all of the new s...

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Anomaly 2 coming May 15

11 Bit Studios has announced that Anomaly 2 now has an official release date. The game will be available for the Mac (along with Windows and Linux) on May 15. Anomaly is, of course, a popular iOS game these days, though the series started on the PC and it's returning there for the sequel. Previ...

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11 Bit Studios' 'secret game' is... Anomaly 2

A few weeks ago, 11 Bit Studios (the creators of Anomaly: Warzone Earth and Anomaly: Korea) announced a "secret game" deal, that offered a special deal and bonuses towards an unannounced game for a small amount of money. Today that game has been revealed...and it's Anomaly 2. 11 Bit has retur...

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Anomaly Korea creators tease secret game, which you can preorder now

The last time we spoke with the guys from 11 Bit Studios (right before Anomaly Warzone Korea landed), they had plenty of plans for a huge desktop game they were working on (to be available for PC, Mac and Linux). And now, it appears they've announced the title ... sort of. They haven't actually...

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Tim Cook's speech at Goldman Sachs Conference moved to open market slot

This is an interesting note that might not turn out to mean much, but who knows? Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to speak at the upcoming Goldman Sachs Tech Conference this week, as he's done before. The talk was originally set to take place on Tuesday at 4:15pm ET, which would have placed it a...

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New product information now available on

Apple has posted new information and new specs about all of the products announced today over on its website. The new iPad mini is probably the biggest news of the day; Apple has squeezed down the iPad into a smaller package, while still holding up the same resolution as the iPad 2 and the sa...

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Talkcast: Looking ahead to iPad mini, earnings and more

It's Talkcast time again, and it's a doozy -- we're on the brink of a new product announcement and a quarterly earnings report, and that just gets us to Thursday. What will we see at Wednesday's announcement? Will there be pie? Plus a hands-on assessment of the current flagship in mini tablets (fo...

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Media invitations for October 23 Apple event are in the air

A few minutes ago, Twitter lit up like a jack o'lantern with word that Apple's long-anticipated email invitations to the October announcement event have arrived in inboxes near and far. The media event, to be held at the California Theatre in San Jose, will serve as the finale for months of spe...

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Plants vs Zombies 2 coming next year

PopCap has made an announcement that will be music to the ears of flower-planting undead fighters everywhere: Plants vs. Zombies is getting a sequel, due in spring 2013. Unfortunately, no details have been announced yet; PopCap says that the game will have "new features, settings, and situation...

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Both US presidential candidates pushing iPhone apps

It's an election year, iOS devices are almost everywhere, and that's why both US Presidential candidates this year are already pushing iPhone apps. Governor Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, has released an app called Mitt's VP -- he plans to announce his choice for Vice Presiden...

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Potential screenshots from an iPad Retina Display look gorgeous

While we're sure that Apple is going to show off a new iPad at the announcement next week, it's not quite guaranteed yet that the iPad will have its own version of the Retina Display. Certainly there have been rumors to that effect, and it certainly would be cool, but we can't be sure just yet. Ne...

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Our top ten wishes for the next-generation iPad

The minute the announcement about the third-generation iPad rollout next Wednesday hit the TUAW newsroom, just about everyone was throwing out ideas about what they'd like to see in the new model. Here are our top ten wishes for what we want to see in whatever is announced on March 7: 1. Retina Di...

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Bloomberg: Apple plans to bolster iPad use in schools

Bloomberg adds yet another dollop of confirmation to the rumors about tomorrow's event that Apple will have plenty of educational news to share. Most of the rumors have revolved around a textbook-based system for iBooks, and Bloomberg agrees, saying that Apple will introduce not only more textb...

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iPod shuffle debuted on this day in 2005

On January 11, 2005, Apple introduced the iPod shuffle to the world. Designed as a way to enjoy music while exercising, the shuffle brought random play of music to the iPod. The first edition of this device looked remarkably like a white stick of gum, featuring no display or scroll wheel, and...

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January 9, 2007: iPhone introduced at Macworld Expo, five years ago

As we bid goodbye to this January 9, amidst the CES chaos, we pause to remember. It was five years ago today that Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone, at the annual Macworld keynote, and very much changed the world. It might seem like a long time ago, but before the (long rumored) iPho...

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