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What I'd like to see in iPhone 3.0 (but probably won't)

Yeah, I know we haven't seen it yet, but based on what we do know, here's some things I'll bet Apple missed that I'd like to see ASAP. Unified mailbox as an option: This works great in OS X. I sure am getting tired of checking 3 email accounts with hundreds of extra finger swipes every day. Even...

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What are your app annoyances?

After my long-winded dissertation on Mac apps, I got to thinking how some people prefer clunky interfaces. I know people that actually like and use the horrid Sony-branded music player that shipped with Vaio's back in the early part of this century. SonicStink or something? Anyway, different strokes...

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.Mac syncing UI silliness

Today's "what were you thinking, Apple?" is brought to you by the .Mac System Preference pane, iSync and that "Sync Services wants to sync more than X% of your items" popup window. In case you can't figure out the silliness that is the image I've included with this post (and I d...

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