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Hate obnoxious autoplaying video? Here's how to disable it.

As a pacifist I seldom wish actual violence upon another human being, but when it comes to whoever came up with the idea of autoplaying advertisements, I wish nothing but suffering. Advertising is an important part of the relationship between content providers and readers. We provide free content...

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Facebook's iOS app starts polluting News Feed with 'People you may know'

The folks at App Advice contacted us about something I just noticed myself this morning: Facebook's iOS app is rolling out a "People you may know" feature identical to what's on the social network's full site. This new Facebook feature has instantly got me and many other users annoyed at the app...

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Dealing with app-noxious app-oholics

The other day I had the fortune of hanging out with TUAW's own Mike Rose and our old colleague David Chartier in Chicago, and my main fear going into the meeting was that, given what a bunch of iPhone geeks we were, we'd just spend the whole time showing off apps on our iPhones. Not that seeing cool...

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Yes, Virginia, you do have to log out to switch graphics cards on the MBP

Having options is good; saving energy is good; improving battery life on your laptop is very good. Having to log out and back in to switch between the two video cards on the MacBook Pro? Um... not all that good. Kinda annoying, to tell you the truth. Engadget posted a video last night of the swap pr...

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