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Daily iPhone App: Anomaly Korea polishes the award-winning Anomaly series even more

Anomaly Korea is, right out of the gate, one of the most impressive titles I've ever seen on iOS. Developer 11 bit Studios' Anomaly: Warzone Earth won an Apple Design Award for the way it looked and played, and as a rep from the studio told me recently, they decided to up the ante, adding even ...

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App updates roundup: Jetpack Joyride, Spelltower, more

Thursday on the App Store brings another round of new app releases, as well as some big updates. We've got news on some of those releases elsewhere, but here are a few of the app updates currently waiting for you in the App Store on your iOS device. Jetpack Joyride has gotten what Halfbrick ca...

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth out now

I first previewed Anomaly: Warzone Earth back in January, and then saw the iOS version at GDC. It's an excellent real-time strategy game, kind of a reverse tower defense, where you need to escort a military convoy through an area full of enemy towers. I enjoyed the game when previewing it, and ...

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GDC 2011: Chillingo's upcoming slate of titles

The good folks at Chillingo invited me to stop by their suite at GDC 2011 last week (which was actually run by EA, thanks to a new deal with EA's Partners program) to see the company's upcoming slate of titles on their way to the iPhone and iPod. On the next page you'll see previews of Blobst...

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth coming to Mac, iPhone and iPad

Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a tower defense game with a twist -- instead of placing towers to take down attackers, you actually control attackers, trying to navigate a convoy in between alien defenses. Through both a 14-mission story/campaign mode and a few endless options, you command your squad usi...

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