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Six iPhone 4S features you may have missed

Despite its superficial similarity to the iPhone 4, three landmark features set the iPhone 4S apart from its predecessor: Siri, the new 8 megapixel camera, and the much more powerful A5 processor. The iPhone 4S also comes with a few more subtle design tweaks that differentiate it from the iPhon...

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iPad 2 3G antenna causing problems with mic clarity

Apple apparently moved the iPad 2's microphone to the top center of the device, and that's causing problems in performance across the Wi-Fi and 3G models, says iLounge. The 3G model's mic is set in a different material than the Wi-Fi version (because of the extra antenna), and that means that t...

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AnandTech research shows Verizon iPhone 4 'death grip' reports are overblown

Consumer Reports tested the Verizon iPhone 4 using the same methodology as the original GSM version, and with the same results: signal strength drops if the iPhone 4 is gripped in a certain fashion, commonly known as the "death grip." As a result of its testing, Consumer Reports decided it couldn'...

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Verizon iPhone reportedly unaffected by "death grip" issue

After getting their hands on the Verizon iPhone at yesterday's press event, several people have noted that it seems unaffected by the "death grip" phenomena that troubled iPhone 4 users last year. First up, Ars Technica's Chris Foresman noted that gripping the phone by its edges did not cause any...

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Verizon iPhone: Hardware is still the iPhone 4

Sure, it would have been more exciting if Verizon launched its version of the iPhone with an incremented version number and splashy new hardware capabilites -- LTE! Super-Retina display! Downward-facing camera! -- but as expected, the new beastie is essentially the same as the existing iPhone 4 mode...

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The Tivizen, over-the-air TV antenna, coming to iPad

We're live at CES this week, and things are kicking off here in Vegas. The show floor itself opens tomorrow, but electronics manufacturers have already started up with all of their announcements and reveals showing off all of the new hardware for 2011. Here's one interesting gadget: the Tivizen, cr...

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Apple patent application puts antenna in the logo

A recently discovered Apple patent application dated from June 2009 suggests Apple may build future devices with an antenna housed directly underneath the familiar Apple logo. The idea is genius -- the Apple logo is going to be on the iPhone or MacBook anyway, so why not stick an antenna underne...

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3G now available on Mount Everest

Happen to be climbing Mount Everest in the near future? Take heart -- you can probably use your iPhone there now. Provider Teliasonera has reportedly installed a 3G antenna at the base camp of Everest, connecting the remote location to a modern cell phone network for the first time. Previously, cli...

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Apple wins design patents

Apple picked up quite a few pending design patents this week -- most of them are pretty old, for products that have released but were simply waiting on the official patent. You can see the whole list over on Macsimum News -- they've got the iPod classic in there, the Apple remote, and quite a few pa...

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Apple begins bumper refund program and free orders

In last week's press conference held about iPhone 4 reception issues*, Apple made mention of distributing not only bumpers for iPhones going forward, but refunds to those who had already purchased bumpers or other iPhone 4 cases. So if you didn't get one before they were pulled from Apple stores, p...

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The iPhone 4 Apple Press Event metaliveblog

Apple Press Event Welcome to our iPhone 4 live press conference event! Today we'll be metaliveblogging Apple's iPhone 4 announcements, adding our traditional TUAW twist to the proceedings. Will Steve Jobs offer a $29 bounty or free bumpers to all early iPhone 4 adopters? Or will the iPhone 4 its...

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Join us tomorrow: Apple's iPhone 4 Press Conference

Apple Press Event Please join us tomorrow at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern) for a live TUAW blogging event as Apple addresses the press over its controversial iPhone 4 device. CEO Steve Jobs is expected to lead the event. The question on everyone's mind is, of course, will Apple be holding the ev...

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Uh oh! Apple engineer reportedly warned company about iPhone antenna design

Apple's antenna woes continue with unabated fury today. Bloomberg news is reporting that Apple's senior antenna guru raised concerns about the antenna design planned for the iPhone, and allegedly told Steve Jobs that design could lead to dropped calls. The engineer, says Bloomberg, is Ruben Cabal...

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Consumer Reports: Apple's Bumper fixes iPhone 4 antenna issue

The organization's report stated that "With the Bumper fitted, we repeated the test procedure, placing a finger on the Bumper at the point at which it covers the gap below. The result was a negligible drop in signal strength - so slight that it would not have any effect, in our judgment." Consumer R...

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Estimate: Full recall could cost $1.5B

The possible, yet highly unlikely event of a full iPhone 4 recall would cost Apple dearly, according to Tony Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research. He has issued a report with a US$1.5 billion price tag as his best guess. However, that's not what Sacconaghi believes will happen. Instead, he suspects A...

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